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Documentaries about Medieval Times

6 Brutally Fascinating Documentaries about Medieval Times

Explore the best documentaries about Medieval Times

Intro: Documentaries about Medieval Times

What was it like to live in medieval times?
For hundreds of years, the life of a medieval peasant was one of constant struggle. Peasants were peasants by birth and duty, and this duty was to live a life of servitude. They were considered property of the king or lord, or their father’s land, and could not leave without permission. In return for this servitude, they were granted protection from warlords and knights from other villages. Peasants rarely had enough to eat, clothes to wear, or money to buy anything from the market. The only time that a peasant was allowed a break from their duties was during public holidays. There are many theories about how life changed for them after the Black Plague hit Europe in 1347, but no one really knows for sure whether things improved for them. For more information on how people lived in medieval times, check out our blog post today!

The word “medieval” is often used to describe anything that is old, uncivilized, or belonging to the Middle Ages. Although it has a negative connotation, there are many parts of the period that were peaceful and prosperous. The period was also characterized by major social changes and advances in science and technology.
Ancient castles were built to protect the people living in the surrounding areas. These castle walls were made with stone because it would not be affected by fire as much as wood. Castles also had multiple towers for archers to use to fight off medieval knights who would attack on horseback. This led to many battles between medieval knights and castles during this time!

Knights were the elite from the aristocracy who had been trained from childhood in social graces, horsemanship, and swordsmanship. They were also well-versed in the ways of war. The whole of their life was about fighting for a cause, whether it be a king or a queen. Knights would often live on a lord's land and follow them into battle. To become a knight, one had to have great wealth or land holdings, which meant that they already had to be from an influential family.

Let's jump into the documentaries to learn more about the different sides of Medieval Times!

1. 1000 AD: A Tour of Europe - Medieval History Documentary

In this medieval history documentary, we explore the 1000 AD era and what life was like in Europe during this time.
We'll explore castles, trade, warfare, and more to get a better understanding of what life was like back then.

2. What Was Daily Life Like In Pre-Norman Britain?

The first English kingdom, known as the Kingdom of Wessex, emerged in the year 829. This was a time when Britain had been steadily falling under Danish control for years, and after a series of battles the Danes were eventually driven out of England. But what was daily life like in pre-Norman Britain?

3. The Dark Ages - Documentaries about Medieval Times

In this video, we examine how the fall of Rome led to the Dark Ages. The Roman Empire was one of the most powerful empires in history. It had a vast and thriving civilization that spanned from Europe all through North Africa and into Asia Minor. However, just like any empire, it eventually fell under its own weight as it lost control over many territories throughout their centuries-long reign.

4. What Life Was Like In A 13th Century Castle

Medieval castles are the ultimate symbol of power. Kings, queens, and emperors all built these medieval fortresses to show how powerful they were. They used them as homes, as protection, and for military purposes. A castle is a place of defense and domination over one's territory.

The Guedelon team reflects on the castle's time in France at the end of their stay.In Europe, from 13th-century onwards, work and trade were developing which gave people a chance to travel across the continent or even internationally. Today, Real Royalty gives you a glimpse into some of today’s most influential families with new full-length documentaries posted every week covering just about all monarchies throughout history.

5. Knights: Men in Iron

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Medieval knights were noble warriors that were considered to be the elite warriors of the Middle Ages. Knights would serve a lord or king as well as defend their country from invaders. In addition to being an accomplished fighter, a knight also had to be highly skilled at horsemanship and archery. In addition, they had to know how to read and write which was uncommon for someone of their social status at the time.

Knights typically wore heavy armor and carried long swords, shields, lances and battle-axes. The first knights were simply mounted fighters, but eventually became a class of nobility in their own right and often fought on foot as well as on horseback. Most people don't think about the medieval knights today because there are no longer any left!

6. Wars Of The Roses: Britian's Bloodiest Conflict

The War of the Roses is a civil war that took place in England during the 15th century. The two sides of this war were the House of York and the House of Lancaster. This war was between two branches of the English royal family, Plantagenets. It started with the Battle of St Albans in 1455 and ended with the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485.

The House of York wanted to replace their cousin, King Henry VI, with his son Edward IV. The House of Lancaster wanted to keep Henry on the throne and instead put his son on it. This conflict over who should be king caused years-long battles that decided who would rule England for more than 30 years.

The War of Roses started off as a power struggle between two noble families, but soon turned into an all-out civil war that changed the course of British history forever.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Medieval Times

The Middle Ages was a period of great social, political and economic change in Europe that spanned from the 5th to 15th centuries. This era is often referred to as "The Dark Ages" because it was marked by war, famine, disease and ignorance; however there were some moments when people did enjoy peace such as during medieval festivals or religious holidays where they would gather together for feasting and celebration.

Hope you enjoyed this list!

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