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Documentaries about Malta

Must Watch: Documentaries about Malta

Explore the best documentaries about Malta

Intro: Documentaries about Malta

Malta is an island of remarkable beauty, captivating stories, and a rich history spanning thousands of years. Located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, this small archipelago boasts stunning beaches, historic architecture, and vibrant culture that make it an unmissable destination. From its cozy fishing villages to the dynamic capital city of Valletta, Malta's distinct identity has been shaped by countless civilizations that have called it home. Here, visitors can explore remarkable temples predating the pyramids, megalithic fortresses and burial chambers, and cathedrals where Christian art was first made public. A closer look also reveals ruins that testify to the many rulers who left their mark on the Maltese landscape.

Malta’s geography is diverse, with deep-cut bays and caves, winding streets with Baroque plazas, sun-baked villages surrounded by rugged hillsides, and never-ending views of the sea. This unique seascape also allows for fantastic outdoor activities such as fishing and sailing. Through these documentaries, we invite you to uncover the many charms of Malta and its unique place among the nations of the world.

1. Malta: Exploring one of Europe's smallest countries - Documentaries about Malta

Jaafar Abdul Karim travels to Malta, one of Europe's minutest countries. With its multicultural history, the sunny nation has seen a multitude of foreign influences, such as the Romans, Arabs, British and French. Starting off in Valetta, a UNESCO site that has been fully restored and renovated thanks to architect Konrad Buhagiar, Jaafar discovers plenty of charming spots with old-fashioned and modern buildings. Maltese delicacies like dumplings are a local favorite, and the country was formally accepted into the European Union in 2008. However, there is an ominous side to Malta: the assassination of journalist Daphne Galizia who had exposed the nation's largest corruption scandal at the end of 2017 shattered Maltese politics and perpetrated a crisis. In light of this, Jaafar sets sail for Gozo, the second-largest island in the archipelago, which is only 14 kilometers long but contains two opera houses. Along his journey, he learns why; Gozo is an infamous flashpoint for the refugee crisis, with thousands drowning each year in a quest to reach Europe. He speaks to survivors and photographer Darrin Zammit, who immortalized moments of this plight in his photography.

2. Let the Stones Speak. Were The Maltese Temples Connected To Atlantis? - Documentaries on Malta

Embarking on a journey steeped in ancient history, Francis Xavier Aloisio brings us along as he makes groundbreaking discoveries and unveils his insights into the captivating Maltese Temples and their possible link to the legendary Atlantis. Offering us a well-informed perspective, Aloisio takes us along on this remarkable journey of exploration.

3. Ten Amazing Places to Visit in Malta - Documentaries about Malta

Malta beckons curious explorers to discover its ancient offerings—from 4,000-year-old fortresses and megalithic ruins to Neolithic burial chambers. This Mediterranean archipelago dazzles with its pristine ‘Golden Sands’ beaches, turquoise coastline, and limestone cliffs with fossils embedded in them. Vibrant cuisine, endless hikes, and captivating underwater caves are extra reasons to add this paradise to your bucket list. With its temperate climate, you'll enjoy Malta year-round. So go ahead and start planning; there's no time like the present for visiting this magnificent country's 10 must-see attractions!

4. Malta 4K Full Film - Malta Documentary

4K Documentary. Journeying through Malta, one can witness landmarks like Sliema, Valletta, the magnificent Fort St Elmo and Fort St Angelo, while taking in the sights of Marsamxett Harbour and Manoel Island. Trace their rich heritage back to the time of the Ottomans during the Great Seige when it was defended by Jean De Valette under the rallying cry 'Civitas Invicta'. Explore Senglea, Birgu and Vittoriosa—all former bastions of the Knights of St. John—as well as Kalkara and St. Julian's Bay. Learn about the Bell Memorial at Fort St Elmo, the iconic St John's Square at Valletta, Tarxien, and the prehistoric Magalithic Temples like Hagar Qim and Mnajdra. Finally, experience the craggy beauty of Mdina and its fascinating walls that encompass the ages.

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