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Documentaries about Iran

5 Documentaries About Iran You Need to Watch

Explore the best documentaries about Iran

Intro: Documentaries about Iran

In the past decade, Iran has been a hot topic of discussion. With the recent sanctions and nuclear debate, the country has been in the spotlight. Not many people know much about the rich and diverse culture Iran has to offer, so we compiled a list of documentaries about Iran for everyone to watch. From exploring the rich and unique Iranian culture to discussing Islam in modern-day Iran, these documentaries will give you an inside look at what it’s like living in this beautiful country.

1. Iran The Shah and the Ayatollah - Documentaries about Iran

Forty years ago in Iran, things changed dramatically when Ayatollah Khomeini overthrew the Shah. This was a monarchy that had lasted 2,500 years and lasted under the leadership of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. It all started with bright ideas and big ideals, but eventually ended in bloody turmoil as well as an Islamic fundamentalism victory signifying their new challenge to global politics.

2. Iran 1979: Anatomy of a Revolution - Documentaries about Iran

The Iranian people had enough and took to the streets in 1979 at a time when after decades of royal rule, millions demanded for removal of Mohamed Reza Shah Pahlavi.
The Shah was hugely criticized by many inside Iran because he was seen as corrupt and illegitimate - this included protesters from all social classes who wanted him gone.  
Economic prosperity wasn’t too long ago, but then the country experienced an economic collapse which caused high unemployment, rising inflation: it is no surprise that those protests were forthcoming. The Grand Ayatollah Khomeini supported these protests with even more passion than his own critics; unsurprisingly then that they were successful!

The cleric, who criticized the Shah's modernization program and demanded an end to the monarchy in Iran, was arrested by him. Khomeini continued his criticism from exile, but many Iranians listened to his tapes-sparking a revolution. On January 16th 1979, after protests turned into a revolution against what had been for more than 2 millennia Persian Monarchy; The Shah fled Iran with thousands of supporters cheering on February 1st when Khomeini returned to Tehran and appointed an interim prime minister soon afterwards.

The new government set out to arrest and execute many opposition leaders, while releasing some prisoners. In addition to this, Iran was transformed into an Islamic republic and began a new path-one that led it to war with its neighbor and conflict with the west. Rageh Omaar went on assignment in Iran to find out how Khomeini's movement as well as the Iranian revolution have influenced their foreign policy.

3. Iran: Under sanctions - Documentaries about Iran

Off the Grid met with Iranian people living inside and outside Tehran to talk about how US sanctions had affected their country. We discovered that people were not only angry at the old enemy- but also other things, like corruption and a lack of freedoms.

4. The Fire Temples Of Iran & Thousand-Year-Old Flames - Documentaries about Iran

Iran is one of the world's last frontiers. It has been at the center of world events for millennia, yet Western travelers have not visited recently. I wanted to take a peek "behind the veil" and see modern-day Iran. What I discovered was complex people living in an incredibly misunderstood country at the heart of a troubled region, who are hospitable and welcoming despite their great difficulties (ease?). My journey takes me from Tehran through Valley Of The Assassins all the way back to ancient cities unchanged since Marco Polo first entered them centuries ago, but this isn't just a trip through ancient lands - it's also about finding one of Earths least known religious sects ... fire worshippers of Yazd!

5. Divorce: Iranian Style - Documentaries about Iran

Hilarious, tragic and stirring, this fly-on the wall look at several weeks in an Iranian divorce court provides a unique window into the intimate circumstances of Iranian women’s lives. Following Jamileh, whose husband beats her; Ziba, a 16-year-old trying to divorce her 38-year-old husband; and Maryam who is desperately fighting to gain custody of her daughters - this deadpan chronicle showcases the strength, ingenuity and guile with which they confront the biased laws of a Kafkaesque administrative system.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Iran

Iran is a diverse country with a rich culture and history. Although the country is less than 200 years old, Iran has a history that reaches back to 4,000 BC. The country is home to many religions, including Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and Zoroastrianism.

Watching documentaries about Iran can inspire you and show you a different perspective on this country. So if you want to learn more about Iran and its culture, these documentaries are for you.

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