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Documentaries about Hawaii

Five Outstanding Documentaries about Hawaii & Oahu

In this article, we'll explore five amazing documentaries about Hawaii and its most famous island, Oahu.

Intro: Documentaries about Hawaii

When people hear about Hawaii, they often think of golden-sand beaches, beautiful surfing waves, stunning waterfalls, towering mountains, active volcanoes, and tropical forests. It is one of the top bucket-list destinations for travelers from different parts of the world. 

All beaches in Hawaii are open to the public. You can choose from many islands that suit your travel tastes. For instance, if you are looking for islands dedicated to families, you can visit Maui and Big Island. Do not forget to bring chemical free, environmentally friendly sunscreens that are not harmful to the coral reefs. 

If you plan to visit Hawaii anytime soon, the documentaries about Hawaii below are a good starter to get more familiar with the destination.

1. Hawaii: The Stolen Paradise - Documentaries about Hawaii

This documentary is one of the beautiful Hawaii documentaries, and it explains how it became the “Stolen Paradise.” Hawaii used to be an independent nation before January 1893. The archipelago, alongside the monarchical government, was illegally overthrown by the US. Since then, it was taken over by the US illegitimately. The island was turned into a military base, causing threats to world peace and the sovereignty groups made an effort to save its legitimacy.

2. The Hearth of Hawaii: Oahu Island - Hawaii Documentary

This Oahu documentary gives everything a local and visitor should know about the beautiful Hawaiian island. This island serves as the Hawaiian archipelago’s cultural and economic center. It is a paradise for surfers, freedom-lover and active holidaymakers. Young fashion firms, galleries, and hip cafes are also available to add new, modern flair to the island. This documentary is visually helpful to get familiar with the island and its people.

3. Oahu: The Heart and Soul of Hawaii - Oahu Hawaii Documentary

This Hawaii documentary is about Hawaii’s heart and soul: Oahu. It is an island of fascinating diversity and overwhelming natural beauty. It is home to over half of all natives. Every year, almost eight million foreign travelers come to Hawaii to visit the island. Anyone searching for seclusion and peace will fall in love with the place. The documentary also shows that Leis, the traditional flower decoration offered as a headdress or flower necklace, is still crucial to the Hawaiian culture.

4. Discovering Hawaii: Travel/Discovery/History - Documentaries about Hawaii

This documentary about Hawaii explores the nation’s history, travel destinations, people, culture, and more. It reveals Hawaii’s assets, places to visit and avoid, and other details that every foreign guest should know to have a memorable travel experience. The documentary is history-loaded, from the island’s basic information to the reason why it is a world-class destination for surfers.

5.  Hawaii and The Rise of Kamehameha - History Hawaii Documentary

This history Hawaii documentary covers the nation’s rich history and the rise of Kamehameha. This archipelago is not only best known as a tropical paradise and surfing destination but also a place to explore interesting stories, culture, traditions, and history. 

Documentaries about Hawaii: Conclusions

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