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Documentaries about Finland

Must Watch: Documentaries about Finland

Explore the best documentaries about Finland

Intro: Documentaries about Finland

Step into a land of stunning natural beauty, where lakes and islands lay spread out across the landscape. Known as the Land of a Thousand Lakes, it enthralls with lush nature and charming culture – home of reindeer and berry picking, saunas and snowy ski slopes, lively cities and quiet, picturesque villages.

Welcome to Finland – a country of breathtaking landscapes, thriving culture and vibrant communities. From Helsinki’s modern cityscape to the midnight sun of the far north and from the famous Midsummer bonfires to the country’s beloved Sibelius monuments, learn more about this enchanting place. From the iconic Tove Jansson to timeless stories about indigenous Saami traditions and modern life in Helsinki, there's always something new to uncover about this Scandinavian country. Delve into these captivating documentaries to discover something new and exciting about this Scandinavian destination.

1. Why Finland is the happiest country in the world - Documentaries on Finland

Welcome to an exploration of the happiest country in the world--Finland--whose exceptional contentment has rocketed it to the top spot for more than four years and counting. Join us as we uncover why this remarkable nation deserves its remarkable designation. Its food may be mediocre, its winters cold and unforgiving, but Finland it is also known for its endless forests, clean air, and stunning natural landscapes. It's also an economically developed nation with a high standard of living, advanced technology, and a well-educated population. Get ready to find out what makes the Finish so joyous!

2. 10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Finland - Documentaries on Finland

Immerse yourself in one of Europe's most enchanting destinations--Finland! From the breathtaking natural beauty of Lapland to the stunning Åland Islands, there are countless remarkable places just waiting to be explored. And don't forget Helsinki, Turku, Espoo and Rovaniemi! With its Scandinavian flair, Finland promises a truly unforgettable holiday. So come see what this wonderful country has in store for you!

3. Mysterious Origins of Finland and Sami - Documentaries about Finland

Explore the enigmatic lands of Lapland, a remote destination located in Finland's most northern reaches, bordering Sweden, Norway, Russia and the Baltic Sea. Here, you can ski down impressive slopes, bask in never-ending sunshine and marvel at colorful illuminations from the Northern Lights. This region is also home to the Sami people, a mysterious Finno-Ugric-speaking population whose origins remain largely unknown. Embark on an unforgettable journey to uncover the history of this remarkable culture amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Lapland!

4. Prisoners In Finland Live In Open Prisons Where They Learn Tech Skills - Documentaries on Finland

In Finland, a unique way of life has emerged for many inmates living in "open prisons," where an array of freedoms have revolutionized the culture of crime and punishment. From being allowed to own a vehicle and travel to work or school, to hosting overnight guests and participating in educational courses, offenders are given an opportunity to reenter society in a more productive fashion. And now, with recent investments in advanced education programs, focusing on technology skills such as Artificial Intelligence, prisoners have been granted yet another chance at rehabilitation. In exploring how these changes are achieved, we'll be taking a deep dive into Finnish corrections and the unforeseen potential for successful reentry into society.

5. Why Finland has the Best Education by Michael Moore - Documentaries about Finland

Do you wish you had a better education system? One that fosters creativity, independence and confidence rather than a reliance on memorizing facts? Look no further than Finland, a country that has consistently been found to have one of the best education systems in the world. Over the years, Finland has bucked the trend of relying on multiple-choice testing for academic achievement and instead focuses on promoting collaboration among students, cultivating creativity and instilling a sense of joy from learning.

Discover why the best school is your local school in your neighborhood, you don't need to look further because all schools are equal. From having some of the shortest school days and school years in the world to equal access for all children at every level, this documentary looks into why Finland has the best education system.

6. The Life of Tove Jansson - Finland Documentaries

Tove Jansson, born in Helsinki in 1914, was much more than the celebrated creator of the beloved Moomins - she was an artist, illustrator, and writer whose life traversed many landscapes of creativity. From her early days illustrating political cartoons to her later works that focused on themes of joy, sadness, displacement and identity, Jansson's multifaceted career offered insight into a complex yet passionate creative purpose. This documentary takes you through Jansson's life, from her innovative illustrations to vivid storytelling, and celebrates the remarkable woman behind one of the world's most iconic characters. Join us as we explore the richness of Jansson's exceptional life, art, and literature.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Finland

From the prisons being open and non-punitive, to the countries beautiful landscapes and distinct cultural identities, to its exceptional education system, there's no denying that Finland is a remarkable country. Through these documentaries, we've come to understand why Finland is rated as one of the happiest countries in the world by the United Nations. If you liked these documentaries, please share them!

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