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Documentaries about Colombia

5 Amazing Documentaries about Colombia

Explore the best documentaries about Colombia

Intro: Documentaries about Colombia

Colombia is a country in South America. It is the fourth-largest country by area in Latin America. Colombia has some of the most beautiful landscapes and vibrant culture of all American countries. Even though it is a very rich destination, it faces many challenges, such as poverty and drug trafficking. Here are the best documentaries about Colombia that explain this fascinating nation and explore its culture, history, and politics.

1. History of Colombia - Documentaries about Colombian History

Colombia is a country located in South America and was founded in the year 1524 by Spanish conquistador Pedro de Heredia. In the late 18th century, the country started to become more independent and didn’t gain its independence until 1830 when it left Spain. Colombians have been fighting to gain full independence since then. However, they were taken back into Spanish rule until 1886 when they tried again and finally gained their independence once more as an integral part of Gran Colombia.

2. Colombia: The long road to peace after the civil war - Colombia Documentary

Even three years after the peace treaty, Colombia is still at war. The documentary recounts on how FARC guerrillas and the Colombian government are still fighting for power through violence, fighting to keep things as they were when their conflict broke out into a civil war to maintain social inequality.

Bogotá, Colombia: the year that will go down in Colombian history books. After some five decades of civil war, the Marxist FARC guerrillas and the government signed a historic peace agreement before the eyes of the world. It could have ended not only armed conflict with no casualties or fatalities on either side, but also social inequality between rich and poor in Colombia as well! A nationwide referendum at its beginning was supposed to give democratic legitimacy for this move. But then something unthinkable happened: The Colombian population rejected it by a wafer-thin majority! That is right - they even questioned whether it should exist at all after such an outcome, although there were six million people who had been made homeless due to civil war during these years alone!!
After nationwide student demonstrations, a new peace treaty was finally signed in November 2016.

3. Pablo Escobar,  Medellin Cartel: El Patron - Documentaries about Colombia Drug War

Pablo Escobar was the most famous drug lord to ever grace the world with his presence. He ruled over Colombia, and was responsible for an estimated 4 million deaths during his reign. From cocaine and heroin to marijuana, and everything in between, Pablo’s cartel made a killing on many sides of the illicit market. Pablo’s escape from justice was one of the biggest scandals in modern times because he eluded capture for so long, despite having a $25 million bounty on his head for years. Even though he eventually died in 1993, Pablo has not been forgotten by Colombians or Americans. His legacy lives on through his story, as well as multiple movies and documentaries about him.

4. Exploring Colombia - Colombia Travel Documentary

This video is a documentary about Colombia from the perspective of an American traveler. This is a full travel documentary that explores the country and its culture in depth, with lots of beautiful photography and gorgeous landscapes.

5. Colombia: The Warmth of a Smile - Colombian Documentary

You will experience the capital, Bogotá, before heading south across the Andes to Popayán. You'll tour through Cali and Medellín before returning back north to Cartagena on your way exploring some fabulous landscapes along with stopping off in cities such as Ciudad Perdida (lost city).
A road trip is what we do rather than flying, which gives us a closer look at the daily life of local inhabitants and take in a wide variety of natural landscapes. Colombia is a vast country sandwiched between South America and Central America with many social problems from poverty to drug-trafficking that have been reported more often by news media images rather than reality coming into our mind.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Colombia

It is important to learn as much as possible about a region before traveling there. The documentary listed above is a great source of information about Colombia.

Keep exploring!

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