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Documentaries about Canada

Top 8 Amazing Documentaries about Canada

Explore the best documentaries about Canada

Intro: Documentaries about Canada

Canada is a beautiful country that is well-known for its incredible geography, rich history, unique traditions, and immense natural beauty. Located in the northern part of North America, the country is bounded by three oceans - the Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic - and by the United States. It is a vast land, with much to explore - from the Rocky Mountains in the west, to the Great Lakes in the south, and to the ancient boreal forest in the north. Canada is also home to many iconic national parks and landmarks, such as Niagra Falls, Banff National Park, and of course, the highly recognizable Mount Logan.

The history of Canada dates back to the arrival of Europeans in the late 15th and early 16th centuries. Since then, it has been a nation with a diverse and vibrant culture that is shared by both its Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. Canada is known for its strong sense of community and generosity, making it a popular destination for immigrants from around the world. Celebrations like Canada Day and Remembrance Day are important parts of this nation's identity.

In addition to its wonderful geography and diverse cultures, Canada is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty. From the lush green forests of British Columbia to the mesmerizing Aurora Borealis of Nunavut, there are many natural wonders to explore in Canada. It is also home to a variety of wildlife, from arctic foxes and polar bears in the north, to moose and bison in the south.

As well as being abundant in natural beauty, Canada also has a variety of emblematic places that offer visitors a unique experience. From the stunning lighthouses of Nova Scotia to the rugged coastlines of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada boasts a plethora of sights that are both captivating and breathtaking.

Finally, documentaries about Canada are an excellent way to learn more about this stunning nation. Whether you're looking to learn about its history or its culture, or simply to experience its beauty firsthand, watching documentaries about Canada can be an exciting and educational way to gain insight into this fascinating country.

1. Canada - Geography, History and Attractions - Documentaries about Canada

Embark on an awe-inspiring journey as we traverse the vast land of Canada, from the enchanting east to the majestic west. Get ready to explore a province-by-province tour that will immerse you in the unparalleled beauty and captivating allure of this diverse nation, renowned for its remarkable tourism and natural attractions.

Begin your adventure in the eastern provinces, where you’ll discover a treasure trove of scenic wonders. In Newfoundland and Labrador, get lost in the rugged charm of Gros Morne National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site that boasts towering cliffs, glacial fjords, and breathtaking hiking trails. As you venture further east into Nova Scotia, be enchanted by the idyllic landscapes of Cape Breton Island’s Cabot Trail, with its winding coastal roads offering panoramic vistas of Atlantic Ocean grandeur.

Next, make your way to New Brunswick’s enchanting Bay of Fundy, famous for having the highest tides on earth. Marvel at nature’s spectacle, as billions of gallons of water rush in and out daily, revealing stunning rock formations and creating an ecosystem teeming with marine life.

Crossing over into Quebec, prepare to be enamored by the vibrant cityscape of Montreal while immersing yourself in its rich history and cultural diversity. Indulge in delectable cuisine, visit world-class museums and art galleries, or simply stroll through charming streets adorned with European-inspired architecture.

Ontario beckons with its iconic landmarks such as Niagara Falls - a breathtaking display of cascading waters that will leave you in awe. Explore the charming towns nestled along Lake Ontario’s shores, or immerse yourself in Toronto’s bustling metropolis - a vibrant hub bursting with multicultural experiences.

As we venture into Manitoba and Saskatchewan, brace yourself for an encounter with Canada’s wilderness at its finest. Witness the magnificent polar bears roaming Churchill’s tundra, or gaze at a mesmerizing night sky ablaze with dancing northern lights. Delve into Saskatchewan’s vast prairies, where golden fields stretch as far as the eye can see, offering breathtaking sunsets and an opportunity to reconnect with nature.

Continuing westward, Alberta’s dramatic landscapes will leave you speechless. Stand in awe at the majestic Rocky Mountains, explore Banff National Park’s crystalline lakes and lush forests, or hike along ancient glaciers. For adrenaline junkies, venture into Kananaskis Country, where thrilling outdoor activities such as white-water rafting and mountain biking await.

Last, but certainly not least, reach the stunning coastal province of British Columbia. Explore the vibrant city of Vancouver nestled between mountains and ocean, offering a perfect blend of urban sophistication and natural beauty. Embark on an unforgettable journey through the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve on Vancouver Island, or witness the awe-inspiring scenery along the iconic Sea-to-Sky Highway.

From coast to coast, Canada’s provinces hold an abundance of tourism and natural wonders waiting to be discovered. Get ready for a remarkable adventure that will leave you with lifelong memories of this extraordinary country.

2. The Ultimate Canadian Wildlife Documentary: Grizzly Bears, Moose, Elk and More in the Rockies - Documentaries on Canada

Get ready to embark on a magical journey into the heart of Canada’s wildlife! Accompany famed documentary filmmaker, Les McDonald, as he navigates through the awe-inspiring Canadian Rockies. Be prepared to be amazed by intimate encounters with majestic grizzly bears, black bears and their adorable cubs, regal moose, stately elk, enigmatic wolves, rugged bighorn sheep, agile rocky mountain goats, graceful white-tailed deer, delightful hoary marmots and soaring ospreys among others. This immersive film masterfully blends captivating visuals and ambient sounds to provide an unparalleled viewing experience that will long linger in your memory.

If you’re sketching out plans for an unforgettable wildlife spotting holiday in Banff or Jasper National Park, don’t miss out on our expertly curated travel planner website at Here you’ll find handy tips and top-notch recommendations to make your adventure all the more enchanting. Filmed over four seasons by a Banff resident of 22 years in the picturesque settings of Banff National Park and Jasper National Park – this documentary is truly a labour of love. So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe now and become part of our thrilling adventures into the wilderness!

3. Canada's Unique Rainforest: The Wettest Region In North America | Full Documentary | TRACKS - Documentaries about Canada

Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey as our intrepid explorers unravel the complex relationship between two awe-inspiring realms - the vast, shimmering expanse of the Pacific Ocean and the lush, verdant rainforests that grace British Columbia’s coastline. At the heart of this intricate connection is a single, dynamic species - the mighty salmon, which serves as a vital lifeline bridging these two magnificent habitats.

4. Amazing Quest: Stories from Quebec | Somewhere on Earth: Quebec - Canada Documentary

Welcome to Quebec, famously known as La Belle Province or the Beautiful Province. It’s not just a name; it’s an embodiment of its rich history, enchanting forests, and serene rivers that flow through this North American region. And it is here, that the French language finds its heart. The vast expanse of wilderness calls out to those brave enough to embrace it. However, becoming a trapper or woodsman isn’t something you master overnight.

Meet Audrey Beauchemin. Intrigued by the call of the wild, she succumbed to its charm. This art and business graduate from Montreal chose Minganie - the last frontier for all Québécois - as her home and her adventure ground. Minganie, being the most sparsely populated region on the northern coast of St Lawrence Gulf, had long remained unexplored due to its inaccessibility. The only sounds breaking the silence are the hums of old seaplanes fluttering over the vast landscape.

Then we have Michel Béland - a trapper who stands tall like a tree and speaks their language along with that of wild animals. With the opening season of beaver trapping in Mauricie’s forests, Michel starts his age-old quest – one that reconnects him with his ancestors’ ways and his childhood spent with Atikamekw Indians. Trapping isn’t just an act but paying homage to those pioneering “White Indians” who traded furs in New France.

In this tapestry woven by stories from Quebec’s wilderness, we also come across Alain Carabinier - an immigrant from Switzerland who moved to Canada 30 years ago - and his son, Antoine Carabinier. They are part of a fascinating family tribe: Le Cirque Alfonse – a concept born out of Antoine’s creative imagination.

Their latest show, “Timber”, echoes through every forest in Quebec as it draws inspiration from legends and lore around lumberjacks and logging camps. “Timber” — a cry resonating through trees marking their fall — was conceived during one quiet winter in these very cabins.

5. The history of Canada explained in 10 minutes - Canada Documentaries

From the saga of Leif Erikson to the arrival of French and English settlers, the majestic story of Canada has been unfolding for centuries. Spanning the breadth of time, from exploration to exploitation, independence to internationalism, the humble nation has grown to become a thriving superpower. In just ten minutes, we'll embark on a remarkable journey through history, charting Canada's development and progress throughout its checkered past. From the explorations of Jacques Cartier to the confederation of 1867, follow us as we explore the numerous trials and tribulations of this great nation, uncovering the secrets that have shaped Canada into the vibrant cultural icon it is today.

6. A Documentary about Canada

Embark on a captivating journey of discovery through the majestic landscape of Canada. Our Provinces is an enlightening documentary where untold stories and captivating experiences come to life, weaving together the countless nuances of a proud nation united by the binding thread of being Canadian. Trailblazers venture to remote parts of the country, bringing forth voices seldom heard before and delving deep into ways of life unknown. Step into an immersive realm that celebrates the rich diversity of cultures, traditions, and perspectives rooted in the fabric of this great land. Join us as we ascend this spiritual pilgrimage, exploring the frontiers of identity and knowledge, unlocking the secrets of this land and its people.

7. The Majesty Of Canada's Volcanoes | Compilation - Documentaries about Canada

Discover Canada's captivating landscape, from unspoiled rainforests along the Pacific Ocean to the volcanic plateau of Mount Edziza, and experience the unique interconnectivity between these diverse habitats. Follow in Jamie and Francois' footsteps as they explore the bond between coastal rainforests and salmon, then journey up Black Tusk Mountain and fly over Mount Garibaldi to gain a bird's-eye view of the terrain. End your excursion with a speleological adventure to uncover the subterranean mysteries buried deep beneath the surface. Immerse yourself in an enlightening exploration that will both inspire and exhilarate.

8. The Worst Natural Disaster in Canadian History (Ice Storm 1998) - Documentaries on Canada

In January 1998, Montreal and its neighbouring areas found themselves in the grips of a colossal calamity—the most devastating ice storm ever to have been recorded. An icy deluge cast a frozen pall over an area larger than the State of Florida, with a catastrophic downfall of more than four inches of ice that caused uprooted trees and downed power lines to wreak destruction on a never-before-seen scale, leaving millions without electricity and heat for up to four weeks. The magnitude of this disaster was incomparable, as 35 lives were lost and damages totalling upwards of $5 billion made it the worst natural disaster in Canadian history.


Conclusions: Documentaries about Canada

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