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Documentaries about Bulgaria

Must Watch: Documentaries about Bulgaria

Explore the best documentaries about Bulgaria

Intro: Documentaries about Bulgaria

Bulgaria, located in Southeastern Europe, has a rich and interesting history dating back to the 7th century. It has been influenced by civilizations such as the Romans, Greeks, Byzantines, Ottomans, and Soviets. Many great empires have battled over Bulgaria throughout history.

This Balkan country has a diverse terrain, including mountains, lowlands, and a beautiful Black Sea coastline. Bulgaria is home to about 6.8 million people who mostly speak Bulgarian, Turkish, and Romani. Christianity and Islam are the primary religions in the country. Bulgaria's diverse culture is reflected in its food, music, dance, and art.

Bulgaria boasts many tourist spots like medieval towns, scenic beaches and ski resorts. The country is famous for mouth-watering dishes like banitsa, kavarma and rakia that are enjoyed by both locals and tourists.

Bulgaria has a rich history, with ancient ruins to explore and museums and galleries showcasing its cultural heritage. To learn more, check out these documentaries on the country's history, culture, nature, and current issues.

1. Wild Bulgaria I : Noah's Ark - Documentaries about Bulgaria

Experience the enchanting Bulgarian wilderness as you watch our TV documentary series, shot with ultra-high resolution and in the style of National Geographic. Get ready to witness the awe-inspiring lives of the wild inhabitants of Bulgaria as they struggle for survival during the changing seasons.

Bulgaria, located in the heart of Europe, is an ancient crossroads where roads connected Eurasia and Africa. For centuries, people who conquered the continent set out from this land, and many bird and animal species migrated north and south, guided by instincts for rut and nesting locations that are thousands of years old.

Our documentary series invites you to join a captivating journey through the breathtaking wilderness, where nature reigns supreme. You will observe the fierce battles between predators and prey, as if watching gladiators in the arena, fighting for survival. Witness the fascinating migration patterns of various bird species, which travel thousands of miles searching for their breeding grounds, and be awed by the astonishing variety of wildlife.

Bulgaria's wilderness remains untouched by civilization, allowing nature to thrive for centuries. Our documentary series presents a rare chance to explore this pristine environment and its wild inhabitants, showcasing stunning visuals and fascinating insights.

So sit back, relax, and join us on a thrilling adventure through the wilds of Bulgaria. You won't want to miss a single moment.

2. Rick Steves' Europe Travel Guide - Documentaries on Bulgaria

Discover Bulgaria - the mysterious crossroads of the Balkans, a nation steeped in history and bursting with culture! On this journey, we will uncover ancient Thracian tombs, explore majestic Orthodox Christian monasteries, and meander through Soviet monuments. Get a feel for modern Bulgaria - from the charming yellow brick roads of Sofia to the vibrant craftspeople of Veliko Tarnovo, and don't miss the bustling pedestrian zones of Plovdiv!

3. Brides for sale - Bulgaria's Roma marriage market - Documentaries about Bulgaria

The Kalaidzhi bride market, an annual tradition that takes place in Bulgaria's southeast, is a custom where financially strong men are paired off with unmarried women. However, the younger generations of the Roma people are starting to challenge the practice and its antiquated rules that forbid any form of premarital interactions such as dating or flirting.

Marriage within the Kalaidzhi clan - who are commonly known as tinsmiths and boilermakers - is heavily encouraged, while courting outside their group and especially non-Roma Bulgarians is strongly frowned upon. Love is viewed as a secondary priority, as what matters most is the dowry.

As more and more young Kalaidzhi rebel against being thrust into arranged marriages, this film follows 17-year-old Teni and 19-year-old Maria as they prepare for the upcoming market day. Will this be their chance to find true love? How has the internet and social media changed the age-old custom? For girls like them, marriage signals the end of unbridled freedom and means becoming a housewife and mother.

4. The Bulgars & Bulgarians: History of Bulgaria - Bulgaria Documentary

Explore the familiar yet mysterious history of Bulgaria! Dive into the origins of the Bulgar people, their rise to power, and eventual conversion to Christianity. Uncover the intricate details of both the First and Second Bulgarian Empires, leading all the way up to modern Bulgaria, as we know it today. Delve into this captivating past and gain a more in-depth understanding of this compelling nation.

5. Bulgaria Travel Guide - Best Places to Visit in Bulgaria - Bulgaria Documentary

Bulgaria is a Mediterranean country full of natural wonders, a vibrant culture, and a diverse history. From its Black Sea coastline to the towering Mount Vitosha, this Balkan nation has something to offer everyone. For centuries, the country has been shaped by Greek, Slavic, Ottoman, and Persian influences and retains a significant legacy in terms of traditional music, dance, costumes, and crafts. Sofia, the capital city situated beneath Mount Vitosha, dates back almost 2500 years, making it one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Europe.

6. A Travel Guide to Bulgaria in the '60s: A Land of Roses (1965) - Documentaries on Bulgaria

Explore the wonders of Bulgaria from the comfort of your own home with this Pathé travelogue. Set in the 1960s, this fascinating journey takes us from camels on the beach to a glimpse into the production of captivating Rose perfume. Let's dive into an enlightening excursion that will give you an insight into this awe-inspiring country's history and culture.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Bulgaria

Interested in learning more about Bulgaria? From stories of traditional folklore to the country's beautiful countryside and vibrant culture, we hope these documentaries helped you to know more about Bulgaria. If you enjoyed them as much as we think you will, make sure to share with friends, so they can discover what makes this small but mighty nation special.

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