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Insects Documentaries

The Insects That Will Eat You: 7 Documentaries About Insects

Explore the best documentaries about Insects and bugs

Intro: Insects Documentaries

Insects are capable of doing some impressive things. They're also merciless, in the sense that they will do anything to survive. In fact, some people may find they have a few similarities with these creepy crawlers. There are over 1 million different species of insects on Earth and they come in all shapes and sizes. Some are so small you can't see them without a microscope while others are so big they can eat you whole. This is why it's important to know more about their behaviors and how they survive. So, here's a list of 7 documentaries about insects that will teach you more about these little creatures.

1. The Fascinating World of Insects - Insects Documentaries

We don’t always like bugs, but without them we would be in serious trouble. They clean up the planet for us, pollinate the plants we depend on and provide what life needs to survive such as food chains. With millions of years of fine-tuning they are miniature marvels that Earth just can't live without...
We humans think that everything revolves around us; however look a little closer and you will see this is not true! The reality is there are more insects out there who could have come from another planet than all other species combined or at least 90%. We still don't know how many types of insect exist on earth but it must be over 10 million which takes up 90% of all living things.

Insects have a chiton shell, which is lightweight and strong on the outside. They are also equipped with weapons and wear body armor like miniature comic book superheroes- as what all insects do who know that reproduction is their life's only goal. Regardless of size or lifespan, all insects devote themselves to reproduction no matter how many predators there are or how difficult battle can be just to keep this dynasty alive.

2. The Secret Life Of Insects - Documentaries about Insects

Christopher Lee has fascinating information about the swarms of insects, bugs and rodents that have plagued man since biblical times. Swarms of birds, bats, snakes and locusts are dealt with- not to mention how we respond to them. Although our reactions to most of the swarms is driven by fear in nature, some can actually be a threat against humanity.

3. Strangest Insects in the World - Documentaries on Insects

Insects, an animal class in the phylum Arthropoda, are mainly small terrestrial invertebrates with a hard exoskeleton. There are over 926,400 species of insects yet to be classified at this time- they make up roughly half of all known living species. New and more fascinating insect discoveries happen everyday making estimates as to how many there are range from 2 million to 30 million! Insects have six legs; most have wings and undergo metamorphosis during their development stage which is referred to as "instar." They occur on every continent except for Antarctica; most live on land but some do not or prefer living near water sources such as lakes or rivers. Entomologists who study these colorful creatures might call themselves entomologists even if they study true bugs (a certain order). People often confuse insects called "bugs" with other types of insects that belong in different orders like beetles for example - remember: only some are true bugs!

4. Bugworld: Do Bugs Rule The World?! - Bugs Documentaries

In this episode of Real Wild Documentary, we'll explore the world of bugs and other invertebrates.
We'll look at some of the amazing things these organisms do for us, how they provide food for other animals, and what can happen when their populations explode.
We'll also take a closer look at some of the most well-known insects in the world including ants, termites, and mosquitoes.

5. Insects Are Taking Over The Planet - Documentaries about Insects

The planet is being taken over by insects, and it's happening fast. With groundbreaking new research, Bugsworld brings you the story of the insect invasion.
In this documentary series, we explore how insects took over the world, why humans are so obsessed with them and what their effect is on our future.

6. Urban Wildlife: Insects - Insects Documentaries

If the people in a large city were like ants, they would live a life full of activity. In some ways, we are very similar to them. City insects is what these little creatures are called that live thriving lives in vastly populated areas such as big cities - this world under our feet! How do these tiny creatures survive? What's it like living alongside us humans? And even more importantly: who are they to us- friends or enemies?! This documentary will answer all those questions and more with their film about city insects.

7. The great death of insects - Insects Documentaries

Entomologists, farmers, scientists and chemical companies are sounding the alarm about how insects are dying out. Our film team meets them to learn more in a bid to lay bare the causes of insect mortality.
Insects aren’t really likeable- they bite, sting and frighten children- but they’re also fascinating because 480 million years ago insects were responsible for being Earth's first animals that learned how to fly.. This made them very necessary in food chains since their numbers have been decreasing worldwide which creates a rift in life on earth. Environmentalists and scientist alike worry about this major problem happening with little idea as to what could be causing it or how much longer we'll live off of this dwindling resource.

Conclusions: Insects Documentaries

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