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Documentaries on Wolves

10 Amazing Documentaries on Wolves: Get to Know The Pack

In this post, we'll jump into the world of wolves through 10 amazing documentaries on wolves.

Intro: Documentaries on Wolves

Do you want to enter the world of the wolves? Are you amazed by their unique characteristics? Then, this post is for you.

Wolves live in packs; a family group made up of male and female parents and their pups. They can sprint 36-38 mph for short distances. These mammals can live a maximum of 13 years in the wild and 16 years in captivity. 

Wolves prey on old, sick, young, genetically inferior, or injured deer, moose, and elk. One wolf can consume 9 kilograms (20 pounds) of meat at a single sitting. They also help feed other animals in the ecosystem, such as crows, bears, and eagles. 

If you want fascinating information about these mammals, check out the documentaries about wolves below:

1. The War Of The Wolf Packs: Part 1 - Best Wolf Documentary

The War Of The Wolf Packs Part 1 is one of the best documentaries on wolves. The film was shot in the breathtakingly beautiful Yellowstone National Park. It filmed 2 packs of rare and elusive female White Wolves, their mates as well as offspring. This documentary reveals how these wolves deal with the environment and claim their new territory in the Hayden Valley throughout the seasons. It also highlights the challenges they faced as they leave the South.

2. The War Of The Wolf Packs: Part 2 - Yellowstone Wolves Documentary

This one is the second part of the two best wolves documentaries set in the Yellowstone National Park.

A young white wolf's first year in the wild of Yellowstone National Park, follows her trials and tribulations as she forges her own bonds and assembles a pack. She is forced to navigate life in the park amidst territorial conflicts with other wolves that pose threats on their survival. Despite these challenges, this alpha-female overcomes them all together eventually raising pups of their own who will one day lead their generation into adulthood.

3. Jim & Jamie Dutcher: The Hidden Life of Wolves - National Geographic Wolves Documentary

This wolf documentary national geographic has given Jim and Jamie Dutcher a chance to spend six years living with a pack of wolves to reveal their social and intelligent nature. The husband-and-wife team knows that wolves are long-misunderstood animals, so they open up their world through this documentary. Plus, viewers will enjoy the stunning photography.

4. Wolves 101 | Nat Geo Wild - Best Wolf Documentaries

Discover the captivating world of wolves! From their transfixing stares to their spine-shivering howls, these majestic giants stir up a mix of admiration and debate. Take an exciting journey and uncover the various species of wolf, learn why each breed has its own particular call, and explore how their population in the US was almost driven to extinction.

5. A Man Among Wolves - Best Documentary About Wolves

Shaun is a unique figure, who has been raised by wolves and now lives like them. His story starts with him finding three abandoned wolf pups as he was out foraging in the woods. He raised them all on his own because they were left under a tree near death when found so there wasn't anyone to take care of them or report their location to authorities after abandonment. One day while exploring in the forest, Shaun comes across an old woman living alone deep within it and she tells him stories about her past life before going silent one night leaving behind some treasure from that time period including what would have once been considered magic items but are just artifacts today: feathers taped together into wings; an ancient bone shaped into something close to jewelry; rings worn around fingers made of vines which severed apart at will making new ones sprout up elsewhere (like real plant roots).

He started the Polish Wolf Conservation Project with a team of volunteers. They worked to raise awareness and funds, while they also helped organize anti-poaching efforts in Poland. This project is not only helping wild wolves but it's inspiring people around the world to work together for one goal: protect all animals from extinction!

6. Wolves Unmasked - Documentaries on Wolves

The wolves of the UK are rewilding and restoring balance in their natural habitats. They're doing so by removing what is not useful or profitable, and unbalancing ecosystems to make our planet less habitable for us humans. Wolves Unmasked shows how this process starts with individuals like myself who see the change occurring around them in many parts of Britain and feel compelled to uncover more about these creatures that have long been misunderstood as pests, but actually play an important role in helping nature recover itself.

7. Alone with Wolves in Siberia - Documentary about Wolves

Most of us have seen this animal only in pictures and do not know much about the species, which is normal. But we may be wrong to think that wolves are always dangerous or scary. They are actually a very misunderstood creature with an unfair stereotype attached to them by humans-a fearmongering idea for some people who have never seen these animals before in their lives. To explore whether such notions really make any sense, two naturalists will head deep into Russia's wild places where nature thrives without human interference and wander through Putorana Plateau to see what it has become like over time: all alone (and quite possibly even more curious) than anywhere else on Earth!

When we hear the word "wolf", a stereotypical image of it comes to mind. But many people have never seen or encountered such creatures in their lives, so they don't know what they really look like. The naturalists will spend nine months on the Putorana Plateau studying these cautious and intelligent animals that live here - can they dispel (the myth of) how vicious wolves are? Searching for an animal is always risky business ...

8. Canada's White Wolves: Ghosts Of The Arctic - White Wolf Documentary

This breathtaking 4K documentary transports viewers to a remote corner of planet Earth and into the lives of Arctic wolves as they raise their pups within an unforgiving environment. Described as both beautiful and brutal, these animals engage in unique social interactions with one another that allow them to survive under such harsh conditions. The pack's life is highly orchestrated by hunting rituals, which are skillfully executed without fail throughout their trials-not unlike human ballet routines!

9. Wolves vs Bears Documentary

In the far-reaching North, two wolves and a bear are fighting for supremacy. One wants to be powerful in wintertime while the other must come out victorious before it snows again. What's more interesting is that there have been numerous carcasses from multiple animals scattered throughout this area of the swamp: an ample feast worth fighting for! The battle has raged on for decades but who'll win?

10. Germany's Wild Wolves: How Captivity Changes Wolves - Documentaries about wolves

What does the wolf pack structure look like? In captivity, wolves follow a specific structure with each member having their own role. This documentary follows wild wolves in Germany and looks at how their behavior differs from those we see in our sanctuaries. You can watch several different packs of wild, roaming wolves and witness them hunt for food or play with one another as they interact amongst themselves without any humans around!

Documentaries about Wolves: Conclusions

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