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Documentaries about Albania

Must Watch: Documentaries about Albania

Explore the best documentaries about Albania

Intro: Documentaries about Albania

Discover the diverse wonders of Albania! This small country in Southeast Europe boasts a fascinating history with ancient civilizations, medieval kingdoms and empires, and modern struggles such as civil unrest and foreign invasions. Albania's natural beauty is also impressive, with mountains, lakes, rivers, forests and beaches making up two-thirds of the land. It is home to rare species like bears, wolves, lynxes, eagles and orchids. Plus, you can learn about its culture, society, politics, economy, environment and history by watching documentaries that will give you a glimpse into the fascinating country of Albania.

1. Discovering Albania - Scenic Nature from Earth and from Above - Documentaries about Albania

Experience all of Albania’s splendor in just two hours! Our scenic nature film will take you from the sea to the sky and everything in between. From picturesque mountain trails, mesmerizing coastline vistas, and breathtaking natural scenery, to tranquil beaches, awe-inspiring hiking trails, majestic historical ruins, and more – uncover this small Mediterranean paradise with us. Explore Filikuri Beach (1:26), Osumi Canyon (4:45), Bovilla Lake (25:06), Cape Rodoni (28:16), Blue Eye (2:03:21) and so much more! Disconnect from stress and immerse yourself in summer's wonderland for an unforgettable time. Don't miss your chance to explore the beauty of Albania today!

2. Traveling to a Country that was Closed for 40 Years - Documentaries on Albania

Thomas embarked on an incredible journey through Albania's countryside, venturing to uncover the forgotten bunkers abandoned after Enver Hoxha's oppressive dictatorship from 1940-1980.  However, what Thomas and his team soon discovered was so much more than they had anticipated – magnificent landscapes, hospitable locals, and a rich cultural history. We were also captivated by the history of the bunkers, leaving with curiosity as to where this fascinating chapter of history will lead.

3. Albania the history and documentary - Documentaries about Albania

Discover Albania, a vibrant and fascinating country with a captivating history, culture, climate, delectable cuisine, breathtaking art, exciting media and so much more! Dive in as we explore the wonders of this unique place – from the thrilling past to the present-day attractions.

4. Albania, the forbidden country - Documentaries about Albania

Ready for an adventure? I'm traveling to Albania, a country previously unseen by me, with TropicFeel and their #SayYes campaign to find out about its hidden secrets. In the past, this Mediterranean paradise was controlled by an oppressive communist rule, but now it is ready to be explored! So come along with us as we re-live incredible experiences and answer the world's call to #SayYes. The time has come to open yourself up to thousands of stories and ideas—let's go!

5. Albania: A legacy of dictatorship - Documentaries about Albania

Unsealed after nearly fifty years of Communist dictatorship, Albania was known as the "Little North Korea" of Europe. Under Enver Hoxha, at least 6,000 people were executed and more than 100,000 interned in Gulag-style labor camps. Though three decades later, Tirana is slowly emerging from its isolationist past, victims are still striving for justice. Join France 24's Juliette Lacharnay and Cécile Khindria as they uncover the lasting remnants of a painful history.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Albania

These documentaries will give you a glimpse into the fascinating country of Albania and its people. If you enjoyed watching Albania documentaries, don't forget to share this page.

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