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Solar System Documentaries

4 Spectacular Solar System Documentaries

Are you looking for a good documentary about solar system? Here are 4 of the best solar system documentaries that have ever been made.

Intro: Solar System Documentaries

The solar system is the gravitationally bound planetary system of the Sun and the objects that orbit it, either directly or indirectly.

There are 8 planets in our solar system Mercury , Venus , Earth , Mars , Jupiter , Saturn , Uranus &  Neptune . Some solar systems are more beneficial than others, Earth solar system is one of the best solar systems to live on. The solar system contains an abundance of resources that allow life forms to prosper/thrive. There aren't many solar systems like ours, but there are solar systems with planets orbiting around its star (a sun) that may or may not support life like ours, some solar systems may be completely different and contain gas giants like Jupiter or Saturn . Our solar system also has two dwarf planets Pluto & Ceres , along with other countless objects. Other objects in our solar system are comets, asteroids etc...

The sun is the center of the solar system and everything revolves around it which includes 8 planets & various other celestial bodies. There  are also other solar systems outside of our solar system that contain anywhere from 1-3 planets orbiting their star which is a sun. They have solar systems with just one planet orbiting its sun just like ours & solar systems with only 2 planets orbiting its sun, 3 planets , 4 planets etc..

Pluto was considered to be the 9th planet in our solar system until November of 2006 when an astronomer at Caltech discovered Eris . The astronomer noticed there was quite a large gap between Mars & Neptune , so he decided to investigate this area further and found Pluto along with another celestial object by the name of Ceres.

1. Enigmas of the Solar System - Solar System Documentaries

The Solar System is a complex and fascinating place. Our sun, the planets, their moons and asteroids have all been studied in detail to unravel the mysteries that lie within this system. In fact, it's so big that we're not even sure what we don't know about it yet!

In this video I'll take you on an exploration of our solar system from Mercury to Neptune. Along the way I'll show you how astronomers piece together information from Earth-bound telescopes, probes sent out into space and spacecrafts exploring faraway worlds with amazing photographs of Jupiter or Saturn taken by robotic rovers on Mars. And with each discovery come new questions for scientists to answer - How did life arise? What will happen when our Sun dies? What's inside of a black hole?

2. The Complete Cosmos Secrets of the Solar System - Documentaries about Solar System

In this BBC Documentary, join Dr. Brian Cox as he journeys from the sun to Pluto and finally to a journey into deep space. You'll see how our understanding of the solar system has changed over time, and what we might find in its future.

Is there a ninth planet? Can a comet really kill us all? What is dark matter and how much do we know about it? How does an eclipse work? Why are there rings around Saturn but not Jupiter or Neptune? And what's going on with Pluto anyway?!

3. An In-Depth Exploration Of Our Solar System - Documentaries about Solar System

The Secrets of the Universe explores our solar system with the help of physicist Dr. Brian Cox, revealing how new research has changed our understanding of space and time.

We'll discover what's in the center of a black hole, how to make sense of quantum mechanics and delve into dark matter, expanding on one man's quest to answer some fundamental questions about life itself.

This is an exploration that will take us beyond Earth orbit - but also back in time to show how these discoveries have shaped human history.

We will explore the mysteries of outer space and the secrets of our universe, as we take you on an epic tour around our sun and out to Pluto. This film features some of NASA's most recent discoveries, such as water ice at Mars' poles, evidence that Jupiter has a rocky core, and how Pluto's thin atmosphere may be hiding liquid water.

4. The Worlds outside the Solar System: The Exoplanets - Solar System Documentaries

The idea of the solar system as we know it was first conceived by ancient Greek astronomers, who observed that Earth and other planets orbit around a certain point in space. This theory has been proven right today, but do you really know what this solar system is made of? In this video I explore some interesting facts about our world outside our own!

Conclusions: Solar System Documentaries

We have a great selection of solar system documentaries for you to explore. Keep on exploring more articles and find your favourite!

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