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Best Documentaries About Space

The 18 Best Documentaries About Space That Will Astonish You

This is the largest collection of free Documentaries about the Universe. Get Ready to be amazed with the 18 best documentaries about Space.

Intro: Best Documentaries about Space

Space is considered the many fascinating and appealing things to learn about and to strike to look at. It is easy to be impressed at the sights of regal galaxies and mesmerizing nebulae while paying attention to the charming voice of Neil DeGrasse Tyson telling you about how you would most likely not survive more than a few minutes out there with no spacesuit. On the other hand, we’ve discovered space documentaries to be extremely easy to watch, and they provide many things into viewpoint.

If you fancy space exploration while sitting comfortably on your couch under a blanket, here are some of the popular selections of space documentaries.

1. Journey Through the Universe - Documentaries about Space

The universe is all of time and space and its contents, which takes account of galaxies, stars, planets, and all types of matter and energy. That’s the easiest way to portray the universe. However,  many people ask, what lurks inside? How does one travel in the universe?

The universe encompasses time, space, as well as every bit of its contents, from the planets, galaxies, stars, and each form of energy and matter. Comic book fiction and fan fiction aside, traveling in the universe isn’t something we are able to do. Forget all the shows and movies you have seen. Human beings have yet to discover how large and massive the universe is. Space outside space extends a great deal into what bubble of a universe might spread out into ceaselessly.

Billions of light-years from human beings could be another world much like our world. Keeping this thing in mind, Journey through the Universe documentary will take you on a journey of the universe. So, take pleasure in the ride.

2. The Strange Things in The Universe - New Space Documentary 2021

New space documentary in 2021. The Strange Things in the Universe is another space documentary fanatics and enthusiasts must watch. Focusing on the strange things in the universe, this documentary offers vital information about the weird and wonderful things in the universe. 

The Strange Secrets dwells into the source of enigmatic radio bursts into the sky as well as other phenomena, begging for celestial explanation such as the distant stars that exhibit mysterious darkening that occurred latterly and so much more

3. Faster Than Light: The Dream Of Interstellar Flight - Latest Documentaries on Space Travel

An immersive documentary discovers a long-standing quest to make a spaceship with sufficient power and velocity to reach the stars. Based on modern engineering and real science, this space documentary will take audiences on an exciting tour into the future, anti matter engines, aboard laser-driven space sales, as well as warp drive right out of science fiction – totally new technologies, made to obtain ultra-high speeds.

4. The Deepest Secrets of the Universe - Deep Space Documentaries

This space documentary shares the stories of people who pushed their curiosity and ingenuity beyond the limits to discover some of the most groundbreaking findings in space exploration history. 

This visually self-motivated series follows a track of energy into the power centers of the universe, exploding stars, black holes, and active galaxies. Based on the finding of today’s science, which takes account of the art of supercomputer simulation, this documentary dives into the middle of a big black hole. This is the documentary that you need to watch out for if you want to know some of the deep secrets of the universe.

5. The Solar System (2021) - Best Solar System Documentaries

This is a documentary that you need to watch out for if you want to know more about the solar system. This will take you on a cosmological journey into space as well as learn more about the planets, and their moons all come as one to make a solar system. 

This documentary details the big wonders related to our brother planets as well as their satellites. It is a remarkable and in-depth insight into our own cosmic neighborhood.   The Solar System 2021 will rewrite our well-known history- from the discovery of many worlds far from our realm, showing truths about the galaxy never known or seen in the past.

6. Enigmas of the Solar System - Solar System Documentary

Are you aware that the solar system was formed 4.6 billion years ago from the gravitational collapse of big interstellar molecules? There are a lot of things that you don’t know about our solar system. And this space documentary is for you if you want to know the enigmas of the solar system. This features unparalleled access to the space world agencies and their exceptional resources and interviews with scientists and people behind space exploration. This mind-blowing series is your ultimate guide if you want to know more about the planets, moon, sun, asteroid, and a whole lot more.

7. The Worlds outside the Solar System: The Exoplanets - Documentaries about Universe

Science and history collide in the universe from the stars to the planets and outside of the unknown. It is an unbelievable yet deadly adventure through space and time with revolutionary new discoveries and stunning high-definition animations. New phenomena are being discerned almost every day. Scientists are discovering new planets as well as new perceptions into their worlds outside the solar system. In this documentary, you will be transported to mysterious new places, including those you did not even believe existed many years ago.

8. Space Knowledge: Other Planets & Spacesuit - Documentaries about Space

This is a very interesting space documentary that is interesting to watch. Space Knowledge: Other Planets and Spacesuits is a must-watch documentary as it deals with other planets and spacesuits. This documentary will provide you with an insight into spacesuits, how they are made, the components, and the benefits.

9. The Beginning of Time - Documentaries about Space Time

Time started along with the universe in a singularity about fourteen billion years ago. If you want to know more about how the universe gave birth to planets, galaxies, stars, then this documentary is for you. Astronomers have started one of the most far-reaching attempts to know the cosmos. They’re forging massive new pieces of equipment to know how the universe gave birth to planets and galaxies to discern the remarkable world of gravity. Featuring elegantly and authoritative articulated recitation,  insights from renowned scientists, and a wall to wall range of awe-inspiring imagery, The Beginning of Time is a stunningly assembled space time documentary that will delight cosmic fanatics and mainstream audiences as well.

10. Bizarre Journey to the Outer Solar System - Documentaries about Space

This is seriously one of the most written, narrated as well as edited space documentaries ever made. This shows the poof of the 9th planet found in the outer reaches of the solar system. Scientists announced the discovery of the new planets and followed a strange, very elongated orbit in the distant solar system. The combination of the inviting and soothing background music, dreamy imagery, amazing writing, silky smooth and honey-rich voice, delivered in which stunningly sophisticated and clean content, Bizarre Journey to the Outer Solar System makes an absolute joy of an experience.

11. A Journey Beyond the Milky Way - Best Documentaries about Space

This is one of the best documentaries about space that you should watch. Narrated by Sam Neill, this is a 2001 BBC space documentary that ran for six episodes which cover many subjects in relation to outer space. The initial episode covers the beginning of life and how the whole thing is generated by stars burning their fuel. There is also an episode that analyses the possibilities of the Earth being demolished by an asteroid or black hole. This documentary will show how black holes are made and their behavior, with the potential to eliminate the solar system. This also gives you insight into possible homes of extraterrestrial life and the possibilities with which human beings could make contact. This documentary also looks at the technologies which are being made to allow the venture into space.

12. The Fabric of the Cosmos: What Is Space? - Cosmic Documentaries

Hosted by Brian Green, he shows the newest discoveries about space and time. These cosmic documentaries are truly binge-watch worthy. He clearly explains the complexity of our universe in a manner that is both fascinating and interesting. With his inviting and soft voice, along with infinite knowledge, his mission to popularize a lot of scientific concepts is clearly working here. 

This cosmic documentary also shows some of the oddest places in space. Black holes have forced scientists to suggest that, like the credit hologram, space might only be a ridge of a deeper two-dimensional reality happening on a far surface that surrounds human beings, distant from being empty, packed with the deepest mysteries of time.

13. The Beginning and End of The Universe - BBC Documentaries about Space

One of the best BBC documentaries about space, The Beginning, and End of the Universe, tackles the important and biggest topic of all, our universe, in a series of vital observations as well as experiments which revolutionized the human comprehension of our world. 

At the start of the documentary, the narrator will take you back in time to embark upon the greatest question in science and how our universe starts. This uncovered the origin of our universe as considered as human beings’ greatest intellectual achievement. He also unravels the cosmic mystery of science creation story prior to witnessing a time. 

In the second part of the documentary, the narrator carries viewers into the distant future to attempt to learn how our universe will end. He also shows a universe far stranger than anyone thought.

14. Interstellar Voyage To Find the Second Earth - Documentaries about Space Exploration

Another reliable and must-watch Documentaries about Space, Interstellar Voyage to Find the Second Earth showcases an interstellar journey to visit a planet that looks like Earth, a bona fide Earth 2.0, to know if there is life on it. Witness this remarkable adventure in groundbreaking CGI and with the leading scientists in the world. This is a thrilling interstellar adventure in quest of an exoplanet that supports complex life.

15. Space Shuttle: Final Countdown (NASA) - Space Shuttle Documentaries

This is one of the best space shuttle documentaries ever made so far. The 1 hour and 30 minutes documentary will take you into the history of the Space Shuttle program. This documentary spends much time looking at the plan challenges NASA engineers encountered in attempting to make a reusable shuttle at the same time showing early prototypes.

16. How The Universe Works: The Dr. binocs Show - Space Documentaries for Kids

One of the best space documentaries for kids, How the Universe Works by Dr. Binoc, is a compilation of universe topics. This film will lead kids on the journey of the universe. This is composed of six episodes. The first episode is about the Big Bang Theory, followed by the Milky Way, Solar Flare, Super Nova, Black Hole as well as Warm Hole. This will surely keep your little ones entertained.

17. Monster Black Hole - Black Holes Documentary

Monster Black Hole is a must-watch black holes documentary that tackles the recent discoveries as well as breakthroughs in what people know about black holes. This features behind-the-scenes look at both a team of experts trying to address the “Information Paradox” and a team working on incarcerating the first real image of a monster black hole.

18. Deep Field: The Impossible Magnitude of our Universe - Best Space Documentary

Deep Field: The Impossible Magnitude of our Universe” is considered an exceptional, unique documentary and musical experience inspired by the Deep Field image of the Hubble Telescope, which is considered as the all-time most significant scientific discoveries.

This also illuminates the score by mixing Hubble’s stunning images, including never-seen galaxy fly-bys, with tailored animations to make an immersive, memorable journey from Earth to the furthest corners of our universe.

Best Documentaries about Space: Conclusions

What fascinates you the most about space? This was a long and cosmic journey; I hope you enjoyed it! Don’t forget to share with your friends!

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