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Documentaries about Polygamy

5 Perspective-Changing Documentaries about Polygamy

Explore the best documentaries about Polygamy & Polyandry

Intro: Documentaries about Polygamy

Polygamy has been a common practice in many cultures throughout history. With the advent of the Internet, many people have become more familiar with the concept through things like reality TV and entertainment news. But what does it mean to be a polygamist? What are the positives and negatives? Is it always bad for children? What about for women?
In this article, we will explore some of the most popular documentaries that depict the Polygamy culture from varying perspectives. Some are from those who grew up in polygamous families, others are from ex-polygamists who have lived on both sides of this controversial lifestyle. You’ll get to explore different perspectives and decide for yourself how you feel about polygamy.

1. My Six Wives And 29 Children - Documentaries about Polygamy

The 51-year-old Mormon, who has six wives and 29 children, contemplates taking a seventh wife. The issue is complicated by his son's love for the same woman.

2. The Men With Many Wives - Documentaries on Polygamy

In the UK, polygamy is illegal. Despite this, there are an increasing number of polygamous marriages. The question is why? To find out, this investigative documentary goes into people’s homes and Muslim community centres to get answers to some downright awkward questions like: Why do men need more than one wife? And why would a woman give up her legal rights when marrying a man who already has a wife? Through individual testimonies by both men and women involved in such relationships we're able to shed light on one of the most contentious issues facing Britain's Muslim community.

3. Four Wives and One Husband: Polygamy in Iran- Polygamy Documentaries

The intricacies of relationships between the four wives, their husband, their astoundingly free-spoken mother-in-law and many children are explored in this documentary. Sometimes humorous and often heartbreakingly sad, it follows the daily lives of those women whose circumstances have led them to both bitter rivals and co business partners against an abusive husband.

4. "I Was Forced Into Polygamy in Rural Tanzania" - Documentaries about Polygamy

This is the story of a man who finds love in hopeless place. It takes place in Rombo, which is overshadowed by Mount Kilimanjaro and hours away from Moshi. One day he stumbled upon an event that will change his life forever: on this day, he took the first steps to becoming a true Chagga man with more than one wife.

5. One Wife and Her Three Husbands: How is their Life? The Polyandry Culture in Tibet - Polyandry Documentaries

Polyandry families are a rare form of marriage that still exists in some areas of Tibet. In the ancient times, Tibetan people believed that one wife could gather more wealth for her family and the large family would survive better in this harsh land. This documentary will show you how polyandry families live their daily life, which is situated 400 kw west from Lhasa. It consists of a wife with 3 husbands and 5 children as well as her parents living together under one roof. You will learn about each member’s role within the big family and how they make ends meet at home.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Polygamy

Like any lifestyle, polygamy is not perfect. Some people are living in abusive relationships, some people are not satisfied with their spouse and others are just as unhappy in monogamy as they are in polygamy. But still, many people can find happiness in this lifestyle and it can be a great way to live if you can find the right match.

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