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Documentaries about Pitbulls

3 of the Best Documentaries about Pitbulls

Explore the best documentaries about Pitbulls

Intro: Documentaries about Pitbulls

Pitbulls dogs are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. The pitbull's fame and notoriety is so high that it has become a staple breed in an American culture that glorifies violence and crime. When pitbulls first came to be, they were bred as hunting and working dogs, but over time they have been transformed into aggressive beasts with no instinct. Pitbulls dogs are surprisingly sweet and loyal as companions as long as they're properly trained, socialized, and loved. Learn more about these beautiful creatures below, with our list of documentaries about pitbulls.

1. Pit Bulls Unleashed: Should They Be Banned?

The fact that pit bulls can kill and maim is not up for debate. They are powerful jawed dogs, after all! But there’s one question on the minds of many: do these types of breeds mean to harm human beings or are they simply an innocent breed? The answer lies in what type of humans make them act this way - whether it be their owner or themselves. Without getting into too much detail about how traumatized families feel when a pet has harmed them, let’s just say that public safety advocates see pits as nothing else than aggressive animals who should be put down to save society from any future violence inflicted upon it by the said breed. Therein lies an emotional- sometimes vicious- debate between pro-pit bull activists and those against killing off this particular dog breed because what seems like aggression may not necessarily stem from anything but human error with regards to training or fencing which leads some people to believe that if we were better owners then perhaps our pets would not become killers either! As always though, both sides have valid points in their arguments which is why Mark Kelley decided he needed investigate further into finding out what caused these incidents in order for us all come together over a solution concerning the situation at hand.

2. Pitbulls: Off The Chain Documentary

Off the Chain is an unprecedented look into the underground world of dog fighting. Beginning with a history of the American Pit Bull Terrier, this film explores how they evolved. The breed was once considered noble and trustworthy in America- It looks at classic films that showed it as such too! Later on, though, people viewed them differently because their popularity declined in pop culture - They became public enemy number one for their aggression. This documentary's first ever documentary brings to light what happen when Off the Chain becomes popular again in urban areas; Their new status has caused an increase in violence and gang activity associated with them due to rap music glorifying these animals for violent behavior among youth from low socioeconomic backgrounds who can't get other jobs or opportunities outside of gangs or crime lords linked to illegal trades like drug dealing see pit bulls as a good form of collateral since they are immune from prosecution if caught by law enforcement agents while engaged
in criminal activities which means any contact with authorities will either go unnoticed completely or be beneficial depending on circumstances despite being best known by average Americans today as "America's Family Pet".

3. All about the American Pitbull Terrier with Richard F. Stratton

The American Pit bull Terrier is a breed with an inborn urge to fight and has been well known for this reason. This documentary highlights the breed’s general characteristics as well as its popularity because of their fighting history. It also tells many tales about famous dogs who have nurtured the legend concerning the dog's fighting prowess, which ranges from stories of these canines being raised on farms or properties where they are used primarily for rodent control, to accounts of them surviving gory battles against other breeds while standing up to aggressive owners.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Pitbulls

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