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Documentaries about Monkeys

5 Documentaries about Monkeys You Should Watch

Explore the best documentaries about Monkeys

Intro: Documentaries about Monkeys

Monkeys are adorable, and they’re also one of the most intelligent animals on earth. They have been in existence for millions of years, and yet the world still knows very little about them. There is a rich diversity of species that exist all around us, and many people believe that their disappearance is imminent. If you’re interested in learning more about primates, here are five documentaries you should watch if you love monkeys.

1. The Secret Culture of the Apes - Documentaries about Monkeys

Recent studies have found that chimpanzees pass on their knowledge and skills to other group members, forming parallels between man and ape. We journey into the forests of Uganda alongside primatologists who are guiding us through behavioral research they conduct on great apes. They use a range of field experiments in order to answer the question: Can one previously foreign cultural feature be implemented within a group of chimpanzees? Together with Jane Goodall whose research prompted scientific breakthroughs in the 1960's, we set out find similarities between man and ape.

2. The Life Of A Monkey Family - Documentaries on Monkeys

This is a documentary about the life of a wild monkey family in South America.
In this video, you will see how the three monkeys raise their children and learn to survive in the wild. This is an incredible story of nature!

3. Wildlife Monkey: Shangri-La Monkeys - Monkeys Documentary

The nub-nosed monkeys, which are also known as the snub-nosed monkey, is a genus of Old World Monkeys. These monkeys occur rarely and need much more research in order to be fully understood. Some taxonomists group these with the Pygathrix genus while other consider them completely separate from it (just based on their appearance). The monkeys live in Asia covering parts of China, Vietnam and Myanmar among others where they get their name from having stubby noses on round faces with nostrils forward; they have long fur especially at their shoulders and backs that grow to lengths up to 83 cm. Their tails reach 55 cm when extended.

4. Valley Of The Golden Baboons - Documentaries about Monkeys

Marvel at this epic story, seen through the eyes of the king of golden baboons in one of Africa's last true wildernesses. The Luangwa Valley appears to be a tranquil setting, but below is a land where animal drama thrives like nowhere else on Earth.

5. The Last Silverback Mountain Gorillas - Documentaries on Monkeys

In Rwanda's Virunga national park, Dr. Mike Cranfield and the gorilla doctors perform check-ups, give medicine to and operate on Africa's endangered mountain gorillas.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Monkeys

Monkeys are fun, funny, and intelligent animals. They are known for their quick wit, and they make excellent companions. If you need a break from reality, these five documentaries are the perfect way to think about monkeys in a new light.

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