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Documentaries about Gypsies

5 Must-See Documentaries about Gypsies

Explore the best documentaries about Gypsies

Intro: Documentaries about Gypsies

Gypsies have been around since the ancient times. Some estimates say they have been living in Europe for as long as 10,000 years. They are one of the oldest and most assimilated minorities in Europe. And yet, despite their history and integration into European society, gypsies remain an unacknowledged and valued minority.

Gypsies are a unique people who have a rich history and culture. This post is about exploring this history and culture through documentaries about gypsies.

1. Curse on the Gypsies - Documentaries about Gypsies

Curse on the Gypsies is a one-hour History Channel Documentary that aired in the late 1990's and then quickly disappeared, becoming unavailable and out of print. It tells the story of how Linguists traced the historical roots and true origin of the Roma culture over the last thousand years. A fascinating look at the history of Roma culture over that time period.

2. Cobra Gypsies - Documentaries about Gypsies

Gypsies are a unique and interesting group of people who have lived in India for centuries. They are often considered to be one of the poorest and most disadvantaged groups in India, but they have a lot to offer. For starters, they have a rich cultural heritage that is worth studying. Gypsies are also known for their creative and resourceful ways of life, which has made them some of the most innovative and successful people in India.

3. Transylvania's Gábor: between tradition and modernity - Documentaries about Gypsies

For 500 years, the Gábor Roma community has held on to their values and rituals. This film explores the insular world of the Gábor Roma, and asks whether they can maintain their traditional lives in a globalized world.

Gábor and Mundra marry at a young age, removing girls from school to do so. They move away from organized education to start their lives at an early age, which gives them the opportunity for more meaningful relationships. This documentary follows their marriage as it unfolds within the tight-knit community of Gábor's family and wider society. They share an insight into their exciting, colorful, contradictory and insular world - one where wealth and poverty collide.

4. Gypsies Living On Benefits In Britain - Documentaries about Gypsies

In this absolute documentary, we follow the lives of Romanian gypsies living in Britain.

5. Romany Romance. Russian Gypsies’ child marriage tradition - Documentaries about Gypsies

Russian Gypsies marry children as young as 10. Parents arrange their child’s marriage and the groom’s family pays a hefty dowry for the bride, who is then obligated to do chores for her mother-in-law. RT Documentary goes to a Kalderash Gypsy community to learn more about Romany Romance and other Gypsy traditions, which unlike child marriage, are fading away.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Gypsies

In this article, we had a look at the gypsies through their history, life as a gypsy, and the benefits of living as a gypsy.

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