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Documentaries about Bullying

Must Watch: 6 Documentaries about Bullying

Explore the best documentaries about Bullying

Intro: Documentaries about Bullying

Bullying is a type of aggressive behavior perpetrated by one individual against another, which is typically repeated over time. Bullying is repeated and an imbalance of power or strength exists between the aggressor and the victim. It typically involves two or more people, with at least one person acting to further harm an already vulnerable person. Children are particularly at risk for being bullied in school, but adults are vulnerable at work as well. There are various types of bullying that can happen. These include physical, verbal, sexual, social exclusion, cyberbullying, and property damage/theft.
Some bullying behaviors have been identified as "bullycide" - when a child takes their own life because they have been bullied so severely that they felt it was their only option to escape their bully. This can be prevented by teaching your child about different ways to react to bullies - including talking out the situation with you or other adults in the child's life. Bullying is never okay - make sure you know what.

1. Too Scared For School - Bullying Documentary

In the United States, suicide is the third leading cause of death among adolescents and young adults. In this documentary, four teens share their stories about struggling with depression and anxiety while being bullied for years. They each have a different coping mechanism: one uses drugs to numb his pain; another tries to feel better by cutting herself; one teenager has been hospitalized multiple times because she doesn't know how else to cope when her friends turn against her or stop talking to her altogether. The film also explores why bullying happens in schools today—and what parents can do if they suspect that their child is being targeted at school.

2. The Snowflake Generation? Rise Of The Trolls - Online Bullying Documentary

Is internet anonymity unleashing a "dark demon" lurking in all of us? A film that reveals the hard truths about anonymity, dark instincts and freedom on the internet. Smartphones have put this device into our pockets, connecting billions of people around the world to it.

Our lives have improved greatly, but the internet has also given rise to a new kind of predator: The Troll. With anonymity, trolls indulge their worst impulses and attack whoever they want without impunity. Once you become the target of a troll, what starts as a minor annoyance can escalate into a living nightmare! But who are these trolls? And will fighting them destroy our personal freedoms? In Rise Of The Trolls we meet:

A young woman who was jailed in England for sending six threatening tweets.
The very first recorded troll in internet history, who led a digital ‘invasion’ of a cat lover’s chat board.
A feminist blogger whose trolls are ramping up their tactics to harass her family.
A Canadian psychologist who published the first-ever study of internet trolls, uncovering the four dark personality traits that drive trolls in their cruelty.
An accused Twitter troll whose precedent-setting court case will affect freedom of speech online worldwide.

3. Bullying in Japan Bullying: The Lasting Impact - NHK Documentary

If your best friend commits suicide because of bullying, what would you do? This program focuses on a high school student who cannot accept the death of his best friend three years ago. Tearfully he admits, "If I look back now there were many signs that my best friend was asking for help." The boy is not alone in witnessing these signs but he tries to move on with life. Here are some reasons why the boy couldn't stand up against his friends tormenters and what kept him from helping them when they needed it most!

4. Stop the Bullying

Stop The Bullying is a documentary about bullying, its effect on victims and perpetrators, and a roadmap for how to stop it.
The film explores the psychology of bullying and the cycles of violence that this behavior creates.
I'll show you the impact of bullying on your brain and body; how it can lead to depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, and suicidal thoughts; and what you can do to break the cycle.

5. Cyberbullies: A Killer Network. Internet trolls and their victims - Cyberbullying Documentary

Teenagers around the world who are talented, promising, and have everything going for them can be triggered to commit suicide. The deaths of these teenagers raised alarms among psychologists about cyberbullying. It’s a form of psychological abuse that causes symptoms similar to PTSD and it is impossible for us now in our modern age not to come across- it's everywhere on social networks or emails. When you think about cyber bullying at home being an illusion because internet trolls operate through social networks or e-mails which most first world teens are experts with these days.

6. The Perils of Cyberbullying: Victim Must Not Suffer In Silence - Cyberbullying Documentary

The Perils of Cyberbullying is a documentary and first-ever project by the White Wings Films that highlights growing crimes in virtual world. It features three different victims of cyberbullying, with many others suffering but being unable to speak up or get justice in a country's restricted system and harsh socio-cultural setup. The documentary also addresses cyberbullying as not gendered crime, proving its psychological, sociological
and physiological repercussions can be similar for both men and women alike under technological advancement ana information access
The Perils Of Cyber Bulling looks at how internet users may impact their actions there are legal implications caused by them.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Bullying

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