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Documentaries about Cats

5 Documentaries about Cats You'll Love to View

Explore the best documentaries about Cats

Intro: Documentaries about Cats

There's something about cats that fascinates us. It may be the way they move, or the way they sleep, or the way they meow. Regardless of the reason, it's safe to say that we love them. Cats have been a part of our lives since time immemorial and have been featured in paintings, literature, and documentaries alike. While we may not always understand why cats do what they do, we can't help but love them for how adorable and quirky they are. Here are some documentaries about cats to watch this weekend!

1. Follow Your Cat: What Felines get up to When They Leave the House - Documentaries about Cats

Have you ever wondered where your cat goes, when they are not around the house? Do you know what they do, once they leave your property? Well now we will show you! Follow us as we follow cats on their hunting grounds - for mice and birds. With a behavioural scientist that specializes in cats and modern technology, this video follows the cat's wanderings into the wild. You'll see our companion map out her routes, uncover secret favourite places of theirs (even if it is just at nighttime), chronicle territorial conquests of these enigmatic creatures... And lastly, but perhaps most importantly: watch them play!

2. The Wonderful World of Cats - Cats Documentaries

Cats can get a little out of control, but it's worth it because they are one of the most efficient killers on earth. And yet, humans have managed to tame them and make them our friends - which is not something many people would expect when you think "nature." In this documentary, we explore the popularity of domesticated cats and their wild counterparts: lions, tigers, cheetahs.

3. The Ideal Companion - Cats Documentary

Cats make up the world's most popular pet. They're the first animal to have been domesticated, and they've been part of human societies for over 10,000 years. But what are the best breeds? And why do we love them so much?
This documentary is a journey through the history of cats, their lineage, and the various breeds that make up our feline friends today.

4. Urban Wildlife. Cats 🐈 - Documentaries on Cats

The cat is a graceful animal that has lived with man for thousands of years- and they have never caused any terrible epidemics or saved humans from destructive natural disasters. Cats are generally cautious and inconspicuous, able to survive on their own even in desolate environments. In cities, cats need the human rules we set for them to live by; how do they get around these? Do cats ever need an owner? And what has changed over the last few thousand years in this relationship between cats and people?

5. Cat Ladies, Obsessive Cat Owners Documentary - Cat Documentary

Cat ladies are often ridiculed for their love of cats, with the stereotype being that they have too many. However, it is not how many cats someone has, but rather their attachment to human beings which defines them as a 'cat lady'. They create an independent world where they can find acceptance and value in themselves by connecting deeply to animals.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Cats

Cat documentaries are a great way to learn more about our feline friends. It’s hard to resist all of these adorable faces, so why not watch one of these documentaries about cats from around the world.

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