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Abandoned Places Documentaries

Top 6 Thrilling Abandoned Places Documentaries

Every tried to get into an abandoned place? The adrenaline is real! In this list, we'll discover some very cool documentaries about abandoned places.

Intro: Abandoned Places Documentaries

There’s something magical about abandoned places. Walking through the crumbling walls and exploring the closed off rooms leaves you feeling both intrigued and unsettled. This feeling is often due to our curiosity getting the best of us, wondering who these places used to belong to and what happened that led them to becoming abandoned.
As urban explorers, we venture into these forgotten spaces in hopes of finding an interesting story or a haunting atmosphere. These are some of the most popular locations for urban exploration, but they are definitely not all. You may also find some surprising stories behind these locations!

If you love visiting abandoned places out of curiosity, or you would like to learn something from there, feel free to watch the abandoned places documentaries below.

1. World's Scariest Hotel, Abandoned Village & UFO Houses - Abandoned Places Documentary

This documentary explores the world’s scariest hotel, abandoned village, and even UFO houses. Three locations were visited, and each one offers a different, mind-blowing story, namely Ghost Hotel in Malaysia, Albergo Diffuso in Italy, and UFO houses in Taiwan. Each detail provides fascinating appeal and builds more curiosity as the documentary progresses.

The Amber Court hotel in Malaysia looks deserted and spooky. Paul, a Galileo reporter, took a closer look at the resort and spent the night there to see how it would be.

We go on vacations to take us away from our busy, hectic lives. It’s a special experience-kind of like traveling back in time. A formerly abandoned village in Abruzzo, Italy offers an immersive experience of what it’s like to live not only among but with the locals. The idea behind it: The guests will share their homes with locals and vice versa!

The location is in Taiwan, and it looks like an abandoned film set for Lost in Space. The buildings are dilapidated, ghostly, deserted; they're shaped like UFOs. What's the story behind this spacey-looking ghost town?

2. World's Loneliest Subway Station & Spooky Underground Gym - Abandoned Places Documentary

This documentary about the loneliest station and spooky underground gym in different parts of the world feeds everyone’s curious mind. It proves that each country has something spooky yet exciting story to tell. This documentary explores places and topics like The Loneliest Metro, Abandoned Place: Omsk, Abandoned Place: Underground Gym, and Raider of Lost Places: The Devil Photographer of New York City. 

China, known for its odd trends in buildings, has abandoned metro stations scattered around. One of these is the lonely one located in the middle of nowhere.

A plan to build Russia's most modern underground in the Siberian city of Omsk went wrong and 250 million euros were wasted. Today, this site belongs to those abandoned, lost and eerily lonely places.

Jan Schwiderek is taking us with him on his journey, searching for deserted and abandoned places. Today he explores an old GDR gymnasium in the north of Germany.

Chris has become famous worldwide for his spectacular shots of the forgotten places, New York. He skillfully stages these scenes to create breathtaking images that people will never forget.

3. Exploring Abandoned Detroit: The City of Neglect

This documentary proves that Detroit is not only an incredible place to visit breathtaking destinations and learn about its people, food, and traditions. The city is also a perfect place to explore abandoned places. It is abundant in buildings and structures that have been ruined, demolished, restored, or renovated. The documentary also shows that urban decay and abandoned buildings can be art, pieces of history, and architectural craftsmanship.

Detroit is a city that has been struggling for decades. Once the fourth-largest city in America, it's now home to vacant lots and abandoned buildings.
In this video, we'll explore some of Detroit's more famous abandoned areas and learn about what happened to this once great American city.

4. Exploring an Abandoned Chinese Ghost City

This abandoned places documentary offers a perfect mix of architecture, abandoned places, and artistic filming. It explores the huge abandoned ghost city in China. The Xiangyun International Project, a failed development, spans more than 1800 acres. Since 2014, this place has sat abandoned. It also highlights that humans may create something wonderful but abandon it later on.

5. Secret Military Tunnels, Abandoned Rocket Fuel Factory & Ghost Town

This documentary reveals the different abandoned places with fantastic stories, like a ghost town, an abandoned rocket fuel factory, and a military tunnel. It gives access to areas that not everyone can reach, including the Secret Military Tunnels in Russia, Abandoned V2-Rocket Fuel Factory, Abandoned Ghost Town in Italy, and A Green Village in Hong Kong. Now, people can answer why these places were abandoned or what happened to them.

6. Abandoned Millionaires Family Mansion With Exotic Luxury Cars Left Behind - Abandoned Places Documentary

This documentary touches on the mystery behind the abandoned mansion of a millionaire. Everyone is curious why a family who used to live with them suddenly disappeared. Almost everything in the mansion is naturally decaying by itself, including the corvette that reflects pure abandonment.

Abandoned Places Documentaries: Conclusions

The world is littered with lots of abandoned cities, towns, and buildings. Hopefully, documentaries about abandoned places will not only provide you with entertainment but also learning. After all, curiosity is not always a bad thing; it lets you open possibilities and discoveries. 

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