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XXXTentacion Documentary

XXXTentacion Documentary: The Top 3 Documentaries about Him

In this article, we'll explore the dramatic story of this rapper, through the top 3 documentaries about XXXTentacion.

Intro: XXXTentacion Documentary

XXXTentacion once said, “What is real will prosper.”

Jahsen Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, professionally known as XXX Tentacion or commonly referred to as X, was an American rapper and singer. He is also a songwriter. While he was a controversial figure because of his publicized legal troubles, he still gained a massive fan base during his short career through alienation and depression-themed music.

The single “Look at Me” was a blast, gaining so much attention in the music industry. His 2017 debut album is a certified double-platinum in the US, while his second album in 2018 is a certified triple-platinum in the US. The lead single “Sad” gained a billion streams on Spotify and a billion views on YouTube and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. 

XXXTentacion is also known as the best-selling emo rapper of all time. However, he was murdered at the of 20 on June 18, 2018. If you want to reminisce the memories of X, here are some of the best XXXTentacion documentaries:

1. The REAL XXXTENTACION Story - XXXTentacion Documentary 

This XXXTentacion documentary focuses on the real life of the emo rapper. It shows that XXXTentaction wanted everyone to have hope, and he understands people who went through obsession and depression. The rapper wanted to raise horrible causes and wanted everyone to be happy. The documentary highlights how much potential he has to change people’s lives and the music industry. He has the talent and intellectual ability and was good in every genre.

This documentary shows that X’s energy and mindset were out of this world. He might have made some mistakes, but he also did good things and inspired millions of people.

2. Long Live X: The Life and Death of XXXTENTACION - XXXTentacion Documentary 

This documentary about XXXTentacion is all about his life and death. X grew up in Pompano Beach, North Lauderdale, Lauderhill and around Broward County communities. He was musically inclined even from a young age. He is often found aggressively rapping over unmixed, heavily distorted beats, but his style is actually a disparate approach with experimental in nature.

On June 18, 2018, the world was surprised by his death. Upon leaving Riva Motorsports Motorcycle & Marine Superstore, X was blocked by a Dodge Journey SUV while exiting the parking lot. The armed men stole a Louis Vuitton bag that contained $50,000 and shot the rapper multiple times.

3. XXXTENTACION: A Tormented Mind - XXXTentacion Documentary 

This XXXTentacion documentary perfectly represents how many people started to love him, like it all began by listening to one of his songs and then listening to his entire album. His songs had coherent lyrics with intentions behind them and also a music theory behind each beat.

XXXTentacion’s musical versatility was acknowledged by critics and fans with his music exploring punk rock, R&B, hip hop, nu-metal, indie rock, lo-fi, trap, and emo. He is even considered a leading figure in the SoundCloud rap and emo-rap genres, garnering mainstream attention during the mid-late 2010s. 

XXXTentacion Documentaries: Conclusions

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