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Documentaries about Mermaids

Must Watch: 4 Documentaries about Mermaids

Explore the best documentaries about Mermaids

Intro: Documentaries about Mermaids

Mermaids are mythical creatures made popular by a series of semi-realistic, romantic novels beginning in the early 18th century. Mermaids are typically depicted as beautiful, female humanoids with fish tails and underwater humanoid features who have no need for food or sleep. They supposedly live in a world surrounded by water and various mythical sea creatures. Mermaids often play the role of temptresses to humans who suffer from sorrow, depression, or wishful thinking.

Mermaids have been around for centuries and are popularly associated with magical powers, often portrayed as attractive. They have also been given other titles such as sea nymphs and selkies.

The idea of a mermaid is based on the mythology of the Sirens from Greek mythology. These were creatures who had beautiful voices that lured sailors to their death by singing them to enter their waters where they would be eaten by monsters hiding in the depths. Mermaids are notable for having the legs and feet of fish, the tail fin of a fish, and sometimes an additional fish-like head at the front of their torso or heads on either side of their head.

1. Mermaids The Body Found: Are Mermaids Real?

Dr. McCormick's discovery has been met with a lot of skepticism from the scientific community, but he still remains confident in his findings and wants to continue pursuing this line of research because he believes it could lead to groundbreaking discoveries about our own origins.
Dr Brian McCormick is an American marine biologist who discovered something that no one else had seen before - a creature called "The Bloop." He found what appears like some type of large sea-creature making these sounds on the bottom ocean floor off Antarctica during recordings made by him and other scientists back in 1997. The sound was so strange that for years people have wondered if it might be related to humans or even extraterrestrials since nobody knew what animal would make such noises underwater.

2. Zimbabwe's Mermaid & Fae Problem- Documentaries about Mermaids

In early February of 2012, Sam Sipepa Nkomo was giving a committee an explanation as to why work on multiple dam sites had ceased. The government workers at the dams in Mutare, Manicaland and Midlands all reported encountering things in their water pumps. Some of these workers also believed they were seeing mermaids or rather spirits that inhabited the water while they were updating their pumps or installing new ones. What's interesting is that some people became scared when near the dams because something might happen to them, but some other people vowed not to return if there weren't any solutions for appeasing those mermaids/spirits present within the landscape around them.

3. Legend of Atlantis - Documentaries about Mermaids

The documentary provides an in-depth look into how the oceans have changed throughout time, and why they are so important to life on Earth. It also discusses some of the biggest mysteries surrounding these lost civilizations that were thought to be mythological or fictionalized by scholars for centuries. The film concludes with a call for action as it explores what can be done now to reverse climate change before it is too late.

4. Do The Water People Exist... The Evidence of Real Mermaids!

Mermaids have been described as having the head and body of a woman, but with a fish's tail below the waist. Stories of mermaids date back to thousands of years ago across various cultures from Ireland all the way through to Africa. Although some people might not believe that such creatures are just myths and legends, there is evidence that supports this theory about them being real! You could be surprised what has happened in these cases!

Conclusions: Documentaries about Mermaids

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