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Documentaries about the Future

5 Mind Blending Documentaries about the Future To Watch Now

Explore the best documentaries about the Future and it holds

Intro: Documentaries about the Future

What does the future hold? Where will we be in 50 years? These are all great questions, and the answer is: hard to say. It's impossible for anyone to predict what the future may hold, but you can get a sense of what things could look like. This list of documentaries about the future will give you an idea of what the future may hold based on current trends in technology, science, and more.

1. The World In 2050 - BBC Nat Geo Documentaries about the Future

The future world demographic changes will be dramatic. In 2050 there will likely be 9 billion people on the earth, consuming more resources and leading much more technologically complex lives than today. What will our cities look like? How might we eat in the future of Earth? Will global warming trigger catastrophic changes or could we engineer out of this crisis?
City planner Ashok Kumar says that despite these predictions, it is highly unlikely that human civilization or society as a whole would radically change by 2050.

2. Future of the Earth after 1000 Million Years - Documentary about the Future

This is a full documentary about the future of the earth after 1000 Million Years. From natural disasters to human threats, this film explores what the future holds for our planet and how we can all take care of it.

3. Metaverse: What The Future Of Internet Could Look Like - Documentaries on the Future

The Metaverse is a parallel digital universe which promises to allow us to live, work, and play within the virtual world. Facebook changed its name from "Facebook" in October of 2016. The term metaverse was coined by American author Neal Stephenson in his sci-fi novel Snow Crash back in 1992! Today we are seeing advancements that are unlocking the promise of this new idea (the Metaverse) all around us - for example technologies like Oculus Rift and ARKit! Joshua Lim explores what today's brave new world would really mean for us if it ever came about.

4. Flexible Buildings: The Future of Architecture - Documentaries about the Future

There are more people on earth than ever before, and this is creating new challenges for us living together. We need to ensure that the cities anonomyzing and isolating its inhabitants become places of encounter again. We also need to use technology to create new spaces in areas where there is no space left - sustainable construction could revolutionize the building industry!

5. TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE: A Journey to the End of Time - Documentary about the Future

Not really a documentary, but it's one of the most astounding thing you can see on the internet...

The future is always changing and evolving, with new clues popping up as we dig for more pieces of the puzzle. There are many different potential outcomes from all angles - much science is very recent, and what has been discovered so far will surely change over time. We start in 2019 on a journey through time to witness various events that may unfold based on our perspective: Earth's death, the sun's demise or explosion in extreme proportions; proton decay; zombie galaxies (galaxies made entirely of stars no longer living); possible future civilizations emerging one-by-one or exploding at once like black holes do before they dissipate - just to name a few examples!

Conclusions: Documentaries about the Future

That’s not all, though. This guide also includes a dictionary of terms from the future that you can use to understand the language of the future and even to learn more about what some of the world’s most exciting technologies may bring about.

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