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Documentaries about Tattoo

7 Fascinating Documentaries about Tattoos to Enjoy Right Now

Explore the best documentaries about Tattoo

Intro: Documentaries about Tattoo

There are many different types of tattoo designs and meanings, but what has always held them all together is their ability to let people express themselves. Tattoos have been around since 6,000 years ago and have evolved over time. They remain a way for people to both express their personality and show who they are. Here's just a few of the best documentaries about tattoos that you should watch.

1. Thicker than Ink - Documentaries about Tattoos

This documentary is going to explore if the rise in popularity of tattoos, specifically on television and social media, has been attributed to an increase in people getting tattooed. The focus will be on whether this trend is sustainable for society as a whole because it can be argued that this type of imagery may have elicited imitative behaviors amongst other demographic groups.

2. 2000 Tattoos, Don’t Judge Me - Tattoo Prejudice Documentary

What would happen if you had 2000 tattoos? An increasing number of very unusual Brits are making daily life a challenge. The people around them might not be happy with their new look, and it may also cause problems when they enter public spaces again. What is so odd about the advice we get about stress management which simply tells us to "reduce stress"? Is reducing stress always the right approach? In reality, what happens in your everyday life and how you choose to respond affects the way things ultimately turn out for you!

3. Prison Tattoos Documentary

This documentary is a full account of the tattooing process in prison. It features interviews with many tattoo artists and prisoners, and explores the history of tattoos and their social impact.
It's a rare look into the world of tattoos in prison.

4. The Sacred Tattoos Of Thailand - Tattoos Documentary

In Thailand, everything is rooted in Buddhist culture and includes their traditional tattoo sak yant. In the past, monks or masters would give this spiritual tattoo to people as a way of bestowing power and protection from evil spirits; it has become a combination of Buddhism and art in modern times. The tattoos wearers who are called "disciples" only come once per year for the Wai Khru ceremony to pay tribute to their master- many get possessed by deities at that time too! It was really tough watching them go on rampage!

5. The Mark of Cain - Russian Prison Tattoo Documentary - Documentaries on Tattoos

A documentary by Alix Lambert on Russian prison culture.
Alix's book ''Russian Prison Tattoos: Codes of Authority, Domination and Struggle'' has been published to supplement the video which covers mostly what is already in it, but goes into more detail about the subject with unique photographs and extra dialogue from inmates that appear in the video.

6. Japan's Traditional Tattoos Are Celebrated at This Underground Pilgrimage - Documentaries about Tattoo

Tattoos are stigmatized in Japan, but some people see them as spiritual and fundamental to Japanese culture. Every summer, a group of Japanese people go on this journey to the mountains for a pilgrimage about these tattoos.

7. Ed Hardy: the Godfather of Tattooing - Tattoos Documentary

Ed Hardy is the godfather of tattooing. He has increased its popularity and elevated it to a fine art, but he no longer tattoos; instead, he's dedicated to preserving its rich history.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Tattoo

More and more people are getting tattoos these days.

There are many documentaries that are available that tell us a little bit about the history of tattoos, the meaning behind them and the best tattoos people have.

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