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Documentaries about Stripping

The Top 3 Documentaries About Stripping and Lap Dancers

Explore the best documentaries about Stripping

Intro: Documentaries about Stripping

When most people think of the glamorous life of a stripper, they pictures flashing lights and money. But imagine if you knew how much work actually went into being a stripper? You would see it isn’t as glamorous as you thought it was. The women who strip don’t have it easy, and often times; they aren’t paid the same way male dancers are.
This article will give you the three best documentaries on stripping for a more realistic view of the industry. So what are you waiting for? Check out these great movies that are sure to make your day!

1. Strippers, Glasgow - Documentaries about Stripping

"Strippers" is a film that explores the life of four strippers with differing stories. The film follows not only the strippers themselves, but also their friends and family, as they attempt to forge a life in the trade.
This documentary is full of frankness, candor and truth.

2. Power of The P.U.S.S.Y. - Documentaries on Stripping

The Power of The P.U.S.S.Y. documentary is a behind-the-scenes look at the stripper lifestyle and how it can be a very lucrative career outcome for women. This documentary follows the lives of three different strippers, including one who is creating a strip club on her own terms (in her home), one who calls herself "The Stripper Whisperer" and works with other dancers to help them overcome their mental hurdles, and a third who was forced.

3. Life as a Truck-Stop Stripper - Stripping Documentary

In this documentary, we see the world through the eyes of a truck-stop stripper and hear her story. She's done what she always wanted to do and made it successful, but has it been worth it?

Conclusions: Documentaries about Stripping

If you enjoyed this list of stripping documentaries, keep explore!

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