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Documentaries about Prostitution

The 6 Best Eye-Opening Documentaries About Prostitution

In this article, we explore the problem of prostitution and sex slavery across the globe, with 6 documentaries about prostitution.

Intro: Documentaries about Prostitution

Did you know that prostitution is a booming industry? In fact, almost 40 million prostitutes are working across the globe.

According to many reports, men see prostitutes because they are not happy in their current relationships or act on a particular sexual desire. On average, individuals enter into prostitution at the tender age of thirteen. Put simply, this means they are still children when they begin.

Some countries have outlawed prostitution outright, but in others, like the UK, it is legal. There are even several countries where governments pay for sexual surrogates for the disabled. Sexual assistance lets disabled individuals who cannot access sexuality satisfyingly reconnect with their bodies. 

Keep reading and be informed about the topic through the following documentaries about prostitution.

1. Prostitution In America, The Working Girl Speak - Documentaries about Prostitution in America

This prostitution documentary reveals that thousands of prostitutes in America are on the job every day, from the penthouses in New York to the truck stop in Philadelphia. It presents the different stories of prostitutes - their points of view. The number of girls and women working as prostitutes is staggering. In addition, the documentary also uncovers that a large portion of their population is sexually abused.

2. Exploiting the poor: Sex slavery in Europe - Prostitution Documentary

This one is among the documentaries about prostitution that tackles sex slavery in Europe. Women interviewed said that all they wanted was to escape poverty, but they landed in the hands of sex traffics. While seeking a better life in Germany, these women fall prey to criminal networks. They are treated as a commodity and even sell sex for less than a pack of cigarettes. 

3. Thailand Prostitution: The Darker Side of Bangkok - Prostitution Documentary

This prostitution documentary explores Bangkok, where sex is one of the most lucrative commodities. Many foreign men travel to the city for that “commodity.” The documentary reveals the dark side of the sex trade in Bangkok. 

4. Fallen Angels. True cost of sex tourism: Philippine’s fatherless kids - Documentary about Prostitution in the Philippines

This documentary of one of the best documentaries about prostitution that explore Angeles City being a popular sex tourism destination in the Philippines. Many young women work in nightclubs and bars as sex workers to feed their families. It also highlights that the sex worker’s children are the real victims.

5. Selling sex: underage victims of sex tourists in the Dominican Republic - Documentaries about Prostitution

This prostitution documentary is presented by Krishnan Guru-Murphy, who travels to the Dominican Republic. This Caribbean country is known for its year-round sunshine and pristine beaches, but terrible crimes against teenagers are growing at the hands of sex traffickers. 

6. Iraq's Secret Sex Trade - BBC Prostitution Documentary

This BBC prostitution documentary reveals how clerics facilitate the sexual exploitation of girls and women in Iraq. BBC News Arabic’s Nawal Al-Maghafi explores the inside of Iraq because of the increasing concern that some ancient marriage practices are abused to exploit women and girls.

Documentaries about Prostitution: Conclusions

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