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Documentaries about Homosexuality

Must Watch: 6 Documentaries about Homosexuality

Explore the best documentaries about Homosexuality

Intro: Documentaries about Homosexuality

Watching homosexual documentaries is a great way to learn more about the LGBT community and how they live their lives.
Documentaries are usually factual, unbiased, and informative, providing you with an inside look into the daily life of someone who is different from you. Documentaries are also a good way to expand your understanding of different cultures and lifestyles. Whether you’re gay or straight, watching documentaries about homosexuality will give you a new perspective on this group of people.

1. State of Pride - Documentaries about Homosexuality

The film explores the evolution of LGBTQ rights in America over time, beginning with a look at how gay men and lesbians were viewed as mentally ill by psychiatrists for decades. The Stonewall Inn was one of the few places they could be openly themselves until it became an uprising when police raided it on June 28th 1969. It also features interviews with people who are fighting to make sure that this history is not forgotten like Sylvia Rivera or Marsha P Johnson - two transgender women who fought back against police brutality during the raid 50 years ago.

2. Are People Born Gay? - LGBTQ+ Documentary

The film starts by exploring the question of whether homosexuality is a choice or an inborn trait. This includes looking at twin studies, if gay men have different brain structures than heterosexuals and how much genetics play into sexual orientation. The documentary also explores homophobia from various perspectives including religious beliefs, psychological research on children's attitudes towards homosexuals and even examining the case of "ex-gay" therapy which some people believe can change someone's sexuality.  In conclusion to this topic it discusses how evolution supports homosexuality as a natural occurrence because same sex relationships would mean more offspring for human beings since they wouldn't need two sexes to reproduce themselves.

3. Extreme Russia: Gay & Under Attack

Reggie Yates gets up close and personal with three very different communities in contemporary Russia. By living with them for a week, he explores what it's like for young people living here, 24 years after the fall of the Soviet Union. Reggie meets teenagers who are risking their lives to protest against Putin; an extreme nationalist group that wants to create a white Russian empire; and female MMA fighters training at one of Moscow's last remaining martial arts schools – where women can train without being harassed or judged by men.

4. Legalize Gay Marriage: Global Fight For Human Rights

A global movement is underway to get what UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and Barack Obama call "the final frontier in human rights" - the universal decriminalization of homosexuality.
Homosexuality is forbidden in almost half of countries around the globe, but today momentum is building and discussions on gay rights are omnipresent- whether it be about legalisation in Middle Eastern or African countries or how marriage laws focus on gay couples living in Western societies.

5. Growing Up Bullied For Their Sexuality (Olly Alexander Documentary)

Documentary exploring the mental health issues faced by members of the LGBT+ community. Recent figures reveal that more than 40% of LGBT people will experience a significant mental health issue, while just around 25% of general population will face similar struggles. In addition to this, they are twice as likely to have attempted suicide-compared with those in heterosexual relationships.

6. Breaking Through - an LGBT Story

Though there has been growing representation of LGBT people in popular culture and incremental steps towards equality, many still face discrimination and negative stereotyping. Even when their company's non-discrimination policies include sexual orientation or gender identity, many LGBT employees endure anti-gay remarks or jokes, and are left to wonder if it is really safe to be out at work..

Conclusions: Documentaries about Homosexuality

Hope you've found these documentaries interesting.

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