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5 Heart-Wrenching Documentaries about Adoption

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Intro: Documentaries about Adoption

Adoption has grown to become one of the most popular ways for parents to start a family. Children are brought into families, who then raise them as their own. This provides a sense of belonging and security for these children. There are many different ways that adoption happens. Some adoptions happen between close relatives, some are done with the help of state agencies, and some stay private. Regardless of the way in which adoption happens, there is still a lot to learn about it. In this article, you will find five documentaries that take an in-depth look at this topic.

1. The Adoption Picnic: Kids on Display - Documentaries about Adoption

You feel like you're on display. You've got all these people watching you and, no surprise here, but it's because of this shirt that singles you out. You're on the spot! "Lacy" is an orphan; a better description would be hard to imagine- so many kids with unloved backgrounds looking for parents! Lacy has her last chance at becoming part of a family in South Mississippi’s annual adoption picnic where cameras are allowed into once per year event. The brainchild of adoptions specialist Sylvia Sessions (a local), the Picnic invokes strong emotions among participants as they share their stories one another - what can society do about this? Witness follows every poignant moment from beginning to end...

2. 15,000 Kids and Counting: The Search - Documentaries on Adoption

This episode follows the search for adoptive parents to a two-year old boy and a three-and seven year old brother and sister. With the added challenges of having slightly older children, siblings, and with possibly health issues that need to be addressed in order to place them, this task for social worker Annette is massive.

Child protection levels in Britain are at a record high. On average, one child is taken into care in Britain every 20 minutes and over 15,000 children were waiting to be adopted last year alone. In this three-part documentary series following the entire adoption process from start to finish, viewers get an unprecedented level of access that shows heart-wrenching decisions about the future of some of England's most vulnerable children on both sides of the debate: birth parents fighting for their parental rights against social workers desperately trying to find homes for all these kids while adoptees await they're lucky day with longing looks as well as tonsillectomies and dermatological procedures done without anaesthetics.

3. Finding Banni: The boy my family tried to adopt but were blocked - Adoption Documentary

"Finding Banni" is a documentary about the experience of the first family who tried to adopt the boy who would later be known as "Banni."
This video is about my family's adoption journey, what happened during our search and why we wanted to adopt. I'll also discuss what distinguishes "adoption rights" from "rights to family," talk about my personal feelings on adoption, and share with you a little bit about how things turned out in the end.

4. Adopted By The West: China's Abandoned Children - Documentaries about Adoption

This documentary explores the experiences of mothers who represent three distinct aspects of this story: A Chinese mother who abandoned her baby; a white, middle-class North American mother who adopted a Chinese girl; and a Canadian mother preparing to pick up her baby from China. Each woman shares her experiences in trying to reconcile the powerful emotions and ideas that both abandonment and adoption, from an alien culture entails.

5. Children of the System - Documentaries on Adoption in America

Los Angeles County's foster care system is the largest in America and it has been strained over recent years as more children are removed from their families. In this episode, Lisa Ling investigates what happens to a child after they've been removed from their family, the actions parents take hoping to reunify them with their family and how the system is holding up under pressure of handling so many cases.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Adoption

There are many different types of adoption, and it can be overwhelming to figure out which one is best for you. But if you’re ready to become a parent, one of these five documentaries will help you ease into the process.

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