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Documentaries about Self Injury

Important Documentaries about Self Injury

Explore the best documentaries about Self Injury

Intro: Documentaries about Self Injury

Self-harm is a common coping mechanism to deal with difficult emotions, stress, and trauma. In an attempt to manage these painful feelings, people may turn to self-harming behaviors such as cutting, burning, or biting themselves. Some self-harmers even go so far as to inflict permanent damage on themselves by using sharp objects like knives or razor blades.
What’s causing this? Is it a sign of mental illness? Is there anything that can be done about it? Here are some ways you can manage your self harm and find support for yourself.

1. Self-Harm: the Pandemic of Youth - Documentaries about Self Injury

Many young people engage in self-harm to deal with emotional pain. When his son was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, RTD's Vitaly Buzuev, discovered his family was far from alone. He decided to meet other sufferers and their parents to find out what living with self-harm is really like.
It has been estimated that about one third of the population will experience some form of mental disorder at some point during their lives; this statistic includes children as well as adults. Of these disorders, depression is considered by many experts to be the most common followed by bipolar disorder then schizophrenia or psychotic disorders which are characterized by disturbances in thought processes and moods such as delusions or hallucinations for example hearing voices telling you that someone wants you dead when no one else can hear them talking inside your head.

2. Keeping Kids Healthy from Self-Injury

The film has a focus on the importance of self-injury as an unhealthy coping mechanism for some adolescents. It also addresses how parents can help their children deal with this issue and what professionals are doing to identify those who need treatment. The documentary is centered around three teenagers that have been diagnosed with different types of mental illnesses, including depression, anxiety disorder and bipolar disorder. They all share stories about the struggles they face every day from school to home life in order to cope with their illness.

3. Teens Who Self Injure

Teens Who Self Injure is a 2003 documentary about teens who self-injure.
The film was produced by HBO and follows five teenagers over the course of one year, documenting their thoughts and feelings about self-injury, their struggles with depression, school pressures, family problems.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Self Injury

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