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Documentaries about Obesity

Top 6 Documentaries about Obesity That Will Shake Your Soul & Mind

In this list, we'll discover more about the life and problems of obese people through 6 documentaries about Obesity.

Intro: Documentaries about Obesity

Did you know that being obese increases the risk for breathing problems, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease? Obesity can make it difficult for you to get a good night’s sleep, enough exercise, or even climb stairs.

The mental and emotional impacts of obesity are also alarming and may lead to low self-esteem, isolation, anxiety, and depression. Check out the documentaries about obesity to get informed about this chronic disease. 

1. Obesity: A Deadly Risk - Obesity Documentary

This obesity documentary reveals obesity is a global pandemic, where 55% of people in the US are considered heavy enough to endanger their health. It examines the different factors, including environmental and genetic, that contribute to obesity. The documentary introduces four patients suffering from this condition and fighting for their health and lives.

2. USA's Obesity Epidemic: Heart Attack Grills, Fat Camps and Plus-Size Beauty Pageants - USA Obesity Documentary

USA’s Obesity Epidemic is one of the interesting documentaries on obesity, exploring the increasing number of plus-size beauty pageants, body positivity’s counter-trend, and aggressive treatment among obese people. It uncovers that almost 160 million Americans are severely overweight, and despite the government’s encouragement toward slimming down the population, obesity rates still climb. The efforts of healthcare professionals in finding new, more efficient treatments for this condition are also highlighted.

3. Welcome To The Fattest City In The USA - Documentaries on Obesity

This documentary introduces the viewers to America’s fattest city: Houston, Texas. It highlights that size matters in this city, even extended to people’s waistline, but also brings consequences. The constant food advertisements tempt people to get into unhealthy eating habits. This is one of the obesity documentaries that allow the viewers to meet people who live and eat in the fattest city in the US. 

4. The Difficulties of Child Obesity - Documentaries about Obesity

This documentary focuses on the younger children within a group of seven overweight kids on their journey to adulthood. It tackles what it feels like to be growing up overweight. The highlight of this documentary is the generation XXL, revealing what life would be like as they start realizing that the food they consume can hugely affect their body size. This documentary can be an eye-opener for overweight kids and their parents.

5. Keith Martin, Fattest Man - Documentaries about Obesity

This documentary about obesity focuses on the life of Keith Martin, the world’s fattest man. Martin dies at the age of 44 after his long battle against obesity. He even underwent a drastic weight loss surgery to reduce this stomach’s size. This documentary explores his struggles with food addiction, hoping that people will be inspired to make the right choices and changes before obesity affects their lives.

6. OBESITY: Old Before My Time, Overweight - Obesity BBC Documentary

This obesity documentary investigates the alarming increase in a number of young people suffering from various diseases due to obesity. Everyone knows the bad side of eating fast food, but people eat an excessive amount of them, accelerating their risks of developing obesity. 

Documentaries about Obesity: Conclusions

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