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Documentaries about Children with Disabilities

Must Watch: 4 Documentaries about Children with Disabilities

Explore the best documentaries about Children with Disabilities

Intro: Documentaries about Children with Disabilities

A disability can be defined as a physical, sensory, communicative, intellectual, mental health, or developmental disorder that usually lasts for more than six months and limits a person's ability to function in some way. The term disability is also sometimes used to refer to the state of being without a need for treatment or support services.
Children with disabilities can have many challenges in life which may affect their development and day-to-day functioning. These children may need extra time and assistance from adults at home and school. They also might need special equipment such as wheelchairs, ramps, or sign language interpreters. The thing that these children have in common is that they deserve as much opportunity as every other child has been given to do something great with their lives. Check out the following documentaries to discover more about their lives.

1. Children with Special Needs Documentaries

This is the first installment in a documentary series on children with special needs.
We'll be looking at the different types of disabilities, difficulties and challenges that these children may face, and how they can be helped by their parents and other family members.

2. Living with learning disabilities - Documentaries about Children with Disabilities

A German university has developed a program to train people with mental disabilities and learning difficulties in an effort to become teachers. The unique perspective they will bring is based on their own individual disability and the area of teaching they choose, such as social studies, medicine, design or architecture.

In this report, we'll follow seven men and women who are participating in a training program sponsored by the Institute for Inclusive Education at Cologne University of Applied Sciences. All seven have worked other jobs but felt they weren't living up to their full potential. The program is aimed at helping them do just that- if they complete it, they could be hired as "education specialists." They would also receive similar contracts to those given to lecturers from universities or assistant professors.

We'll find out whether the program will help participants increase their self-esteem, how they cope with stress from learning a new profession, and if they are accepted by their classmates at the university.

3. Two Children with Undiagnosed Disabilities - Documentaries about Children with Disabilities

The film follows the lives of two undiagnosed special needs kids and their parents as they grow older with no answers in sight. The story is told through a series of flashbacks, which show events from childhood to adulthood. These include moments when one son's disability was first diagnosed; the other child being bullied at school; both children having tantrums during an outing to buy groceries; and finally, ultimately not knowing what caused these disabilities or how it could be fixed for them permanently.

4. Autism: Challenging Behaviour

The documentary first broadcast in 2013, and was met with mixed reviews. Some parents who want ABA for their children passionately believe that it is the best way to teach a child new skills and help them function in mainstream society. However, critics of ABA argue that it is dehumanising and abusive to try to eliminate autistic behaviour by forcing an individual into social norms they are not comfortable with or do not understand yet because this can lead some people on the autism spectrum into depression or even suicide.

Conclusions: Documentaries about Children with Disabilities

Hope this documentary was helpful and spread some awareness.

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